North Carolina Zoo

The North Carolina Zoo can be found in the town of Asheboro, North Carolina, which is about 70 miles west of the city of Raleigh. The Asheboro Zoo in North Carolina is unique in that it is the largest natural habitat zoo in the United States that allows visitors to walk through the grounds. The North Carolina Zoo can easily be a full day added onto your Charlote itineraries as it is quite a drive from Charlotte. The North Carolina Zoo Asheboro has been open since 1976, and has been North Carolina's premier zoo ever since.

Visitors to the North Carolina Zoo will find that the park is organized into three separate areas, which center on particular continents. North America, Africa and Australia make up the three areas, and the general idea behind the Asheboro Zoo in North Carolina is to provide open space for the animals to enjoy a somewhat natural habitat as much as possible. When you arrive at the North Carolina Zoo Asheboro, you will find that there is a parking lot located at each end of the park. The park is more than 500 acres, so having transportation throughout is key, especially for families with children. All through the North Carolina Zoo, visitors will find miles of walking paths.

For tired children or anyone who wants to rest their legs a bit while enjoying the Asheboro Zoo in North Carolina, the park does provide complimentary tram and bus service (both air-conditioned) for whisking guests from one spot to another during the day. Families can easily spend 3 to 5 hours here at the zoo, so finding a restaurant or cafe in the park will be a likely need. There are four such spots for eating found in the park. It is also acceptable to pack and bring along your own lunch, which many visitors choose to do. There are picnic tables and other areas designated for eating which can easily accommodate guests with sack lunches.

The North Carolina Zoo Asheboro is also surrounded by some neat countryside. The zoo itself is located on Purgatory Mountain, which is one of the oldest mountains in the world and has been worn down almost to sea level over time. Roads surrounding the park make for a great little scenic drive, as you can see the surrounding countryside.

The exhibits at the zoo continue to delight families, children, students and visitors of all kinds. Each of the three sections at the zoo provides a view of some of earth's most exotic animals living in a natural habitat. Admission to the zoo is $10 for adults, $6 for children ages 2-12, and free for children under age 12. Senior citizens and college students also get in for just $6. The zoo is open seven days a week during daylight hours throughout the entire year. The zoo only closes for Christmas Day, and on any days where there are extreme weather conditions. Crowds are worst on summer weekends, so if you want to avoid crowds avoid weekends.

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