Outer Banks

Outer Banks North Carolina is a series of beaches that join inland North Carolina with the Atlantic Ocean. The North Carolina Outer Banks are made up of 100 miles of beaches and a few islands, which cover much of North Carolina's northern shore. Although Outer Banks North Carolina is a popular place for tourists today, there is also a fascinating history which accompanies this area of coast. Travelers coming to the Outer Banks generally come to enjoy the beaches, but also to be in a place where so much has happened.

The North Carolina Outer Banks were once the site of the Wright Brothers' first successful flight with an airplane that was heavier than air. A memorial to Wilbur and Orville is found here at Outer Banks North Carolina and is free to the public. The North Carolina Outer Banks were also the site of the first child of English decent to be born on North American soil; Virginia Dare. The famous pirate, Blackbeard, also died on these beaches. In fact, the area has gained the nickname, "the graveyard of the Atlantic" due to the many pirate ships and other ships that have washed up on its shores due to ocean currents. The Lost Colony, a British colony that completely disappeared in the 16th century, also met its end here on the North Carolina Outer Banks.

Outer Banks
Outer Banks

With so much history, it is no wonder that Outer Banks North Carolina rentals and tourism of all kinds continue to remain popular. Despite the almost unceasing winds of the Outer Banks, tourists and locals flock to the beaches each summer to swim, sun, and fly kites. Thanks to the heavy winds, windsurfing is also popular, and can be enjoyed from early spring until late into the fall. There are about 800 square miles of water that can be accessed from the beach for recreation.

In addition to the beach itself, there are also some neat ghost towns of the Outer Banks for touring. The pre-Civil War town of Portsmouth was abandoned during the war, never to be reoccupied. An original church, a general store and a few houses are still kept up for viewing by the National Park Service. Today, tourists can take free tours of the town on their own and get a taste of colonial life, or pay for an organized tour. To take land tour, expect to pay about $75 per person or $20 per person for a boat tour. Tours run from the first of April until the end of November.

Outer Banks North Carolina rentals are a great way to take advantage of the history and beaches found in the area. The 100-mile stretch of beach is home to multiple Outer Banks North Carolina rentals. Travelers should expect to pay between $400 and $500 per night for a two bedroom unit, with prices increasing as the size of the rental increases. Prices during the summer will be higher, as the busy season begins in April and runs through September.

Travelers staying at the Outer Banks looking for options for day trips may try spending a day at some of the excellent wineries in the state, many located close to the coast. Fayetteville and the famous Pinehurst golfing courses are also just a few hours away from the Outer Banks. Although North Carolina's largest city, Charlotte, is more than 6 hours away by car, there are some excellent places to swim and fish right on the coast, making for the perfect North Carolina vacation.

Image: dedhed1950 (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0

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