Outer Banks Beaches

The Outer Banks beaches of North Carolina are some of the best beaches that you will find on the East Coast. Certainly, they are the best beaches in the state. Much of their allure lies in their beauty, as well as their variety. Since the Outer Banks is largely comprised of barrier islands, there are both beaches along sounds and ocean beaches. The ocean beaches are the most beautiful on the whole, partly because of their dunes and crashing waves. Creating the dunes are shifting winds that can be quite strong at times. These winds actually change the overall look of many Outer Banks beaches. So much so that a beach that you see one day might appear very different the next. Strong riptides and undertows are also common along the beaches of the Outer Banks region, so swimmers are encouraged to be safe when entering the water. Red warning flags are flown when swimming is prohibited.

Many people who are looking to spend the day on an Outer Banks North Carolina beach head to one of the northern beaches. These Bodie Island beaches include those that are found in the communities of Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and Nags Head. Public beach access in this area is available along Beach Road. Along this road is where you can also find hotels, motels, and cottage rentals. Other things of interest for area visitors include beach shops and restaurants.

Other Outer Banks beaches that are worth highlighting include those that are found along the Cape Hatteras National Seashore (Hatteras Island). This was the first national seashore to be established in the United States. Its beaches are amazingly pristine and seem to go on forever. Adorning them are sea oats and sand dunes. It is possible to fish right from the beach in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, and visitors can also engage in any other number of fun pursuits. Other possible activity options in this largely undeveloped land include kiteboarding and taking charter boat rides out to the Gulf Stream. Accommodations, restaurants, and shops can all be found on Hatteras Island, but they don’t give the area an overrun feel. This remains a relatively simple and calm Outer Banks destination.

When trying to find an Outer Banks North Carolina beach that suits your preference, it can be a good idea to consider them all. Some are pet-friendly, whereas others are not, for example. There are also better beaches for certain activities. Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills tend to get the biggest waves, so they are most often the best for surfers and skimboarders. Down in Frisco, you can indulge in some 4X4 beach driving or look to secure a spot at one of the campgrounds. Basically, there is a beach for everyone in the Outer Banks, and chances are good that you will find more than one that proves tempting.

Top image: www.outerbanks.org

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