Spas in North Carolina

Although North Carolina may not be the spa Mecca that the state of Arizona is, spas in North Carolina are certainly among some of the most elegant in the southern United States. A nice selection of urban day spas in North Carolina can be found in the larger cities such as Charlotte and Raleigh. There are also some excellent spa resorts in North Carolina for those who want to spend time at a North Carolina spa for more than just a day.

One of the best spa resorts in North Carolina for visitors from out of town looking for somewhere to relax for a few days is the Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa, located in Asheville, North Carolina. This North Carolina spa is the oldest of its kind in the state and in fact throughout the south. First constructed in 1913, both Thomas Edison and F. Scott Fitzgerald once stayed here, and the resort continues to be North Carolina's most exclusive place to take a spa vacation.

If you plan to stay at the Grove Park, plan to spend between $200 and $500 for a regular room, and between $600 and $1000 for a suite. The room price does include access to the in-house sauna, steam room, and health club, but it does not include prices for specific spa treatments. The full-service spa, which has been open since January of 2001, has its own unique menu of services, which include facials, massages, body wrap treatments, and light snacks. Service prices range from about $40 for a shorter service such as a manicure or pedicure, and up to $200 for more involved treatments such as body wraps. As with most spas in North Carolina, the Grove Park also offers spa packages, which combine services and range in price between $200 and $600 for a full days' treatment. Some packages are focused on couples, with champagne and chocolate included in the fee.

Another of the most popular spa resorts in North Carolina is the Chakras spa in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Chakras is exclusively a spa, and as such offers packages geared toward specific treatments. The mission of the Chakras spa is to provide modern treatments using ancient practices, including massage, yoga classes, body scrubs, bathing rituals, and other typical spa treatments. Additionally, the spa offers modern aesthetic treatments (non-surgical), which include laser treatments and botox treatments. Although the Chakras spa is located in downtown Greensboro, the feeling upon entering the spa is one of quiet. The spa also makes a point of using organic hair and skin products. Plan to spend between $100 and $400 on treatments when booking your stay here at the Chakras. The Chakras also has a salon on site for manicure, pedicures, make-up consultations and hair styling. Light snacks are provided throughout the spa.

In general, travelers will find that North Carolina destination spas (spas which accomodate longer stays for a week or more) focus on health and weight management as well as relaxation and general well being. The Great Smoky Mountains are well known for the quiet retreat spas found hidden in the hills. The city of Asheville in particular has begun to build a reputation as a southern spa destination, with spas like Asia which feature a Zen meditation garden, or the afore mentioned Grove Park. Raleigh and Charlotte are perhaps the best places to go for urban day spas, but for destination spas check out the countryside, or even some of the nicer golfing resorts or beach towns like Kill Devil Hills.

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