Getting around while on vacation is an important consideration for anyone planning a vacation to North Carolina. If you plan to visit a large city like Charlotte or Raleigh you may not need a car, but then again you might. If you are in town and staying downtown for business, you could get away with walking, but there are a ton of great sites to see that do require some driving or transportation of one sort or another outside of these towns, as well. As a rural state with many pastoral traditions, transportation other than your own two legs is a great idea.

Travelers looking for cheap car rental North Carolina should have no trouble in the major cities, including Raleigh, Fayetteville, Greensboro and Charlotte. Many travelers who plan to fly into the state can take advantage of cheap car rental North Carolina right at the airport. Be careful, though; despite the fact that airport prices may seem lower, some car rental companies tack on an extra, "airport convenience fee", which may increase your rental fees.

Whether you rent in town or at the airport, one way to find cheap care rental North Carolina is by renting for multiple days. By renting for a full weekend or for 3 or more days during the week, travelers will often get the best deals on per day car rentals. Be sure when renting your car to check into your allowable miles, to be sure you don't get charged overage fees for driving too many miles. Charlotte car rentals, like rentals in most of North Carolina's largest cities, are generally easy to arrange. You will not need anything to drive your Charlotte car rentals other than a valid driver's license from any state in the United States. Also note when driving Charlotte car rentals that North Carolina law requires that everyone in the front seat wear a seat belt at all times, and you can be pulled over and ticketed for not wearing yours.

If a train is more your style, there are also a number of train stations in North Carolina to accommodate train travel through the state. Amtrak is the only operator of trains and train stations in North Carolina for passenger trains (save sightseeing trains), and the company makes stops at almost all of the major cities. There are train stations in North Carolina in Hamlet, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Southern Pines, Charlotte and Greensboro. You can purchase your ticket on board the train, but you will usually get a better deal by purchasing your ticket ahead of time over the phone or online.

Both the city of Charlotte and the city of Raleigh offer public transportation from place to place in the form of the bus. Public transportation is inexpensive (under $2 per person for a ride) and is often a good way to get around for travelers from out of town who may not otherwise know their way through town. Bus schedules are found at all of the major metro stops in the cities, onboard buses, and at public libraries in the cities.

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