Winston Salem

The city of Winston Salem may not be the largest in North Carolina, but it is literally packed with neat things to do and see. The tourist attractions Winston Salem offers include tours of the historic districts of this quaint locations as well as the chance to enjoy some of the best of Winston Salem restaurants alongside interesting crafts and historical sights. Winston Salem NC is a great place to bring the family for a few days of old-fashioned living or a nice place to tour for a day of strolling.

Winston Salem was first settled as two separate towns; Winston and Salem. In 1913, the two towns, which were obviously quite close to one another, decided to merge. The resulting town was aptly named Winston Salem, and the cultural blend created by the mix of these two European settlements has resulted in a very nicely developed town to this day. Historically, Winston Salem NC has been settled by Moravians, a group that originated from Bohemia in Europe (now located within the Czech Republic). Their traditional love of hearty food and hard work continue to make Winston Salem a great place to visit.

Hearty food hardly begins to describe the fair found in most of the best Winston Salem restaurants. In fact, it could be said that Winston Salem restaurants are an attraction all their own. The Old Salem Tavern Dining Room is the place to go for a full meal served in true Moravian style, with an atmosphere to match that makes this one of the biggest tourist attractions Winston Salem has to offer. While other cultures are represented in restaurants throughout Winston Salem NC, trying some traditional fare is the perfect way to quickly get into the Winston Salem spirit.

Other tourist attractions Winston Salem offers are the many events that locals and visitors can enjoy each year. The Independence Day Celebration held each July is a major favorite. This celebration happens in the historic neighborhood of Bethabara, and is commemorated with a small showing of fireworks, music, and plenty of food and family picnicking throughout the cozy neighborhood. The Chili Championship in September brings both famous chili cooks and local favorites to Tanglewood Park in the heart of town, as well as plenty of chili tasters in the form of locals and travelers.

More things to do in town can be found in the Historic District of Salem, which is where the Reynolds House and the Museum of American Art can both be found. The Southern Center for Contemporary Art is also located here. The city of Salem Winston also has its own airport, known as the Smith Reynolds International airport. Although this is a small airport, flights arrive and leave frequently from and to Charlotte, and the airport is services by US Airways Express. Once you arrive, you will find some incredibly cozy Winston Salem hotels and bed and breakfast to enjoy as accommodation during your Winston Salem vacation.

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