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The city of Winston Salem, with its Moravian traditions and incredibly well-preserved historic districts is one of the best places to go in North Carolina to experience some of the best of southern history, as well as some unique Old World European flair. Many Winston Salem hotels are focused on catering to the tourism set, so travelers generally find that a hotel Salem Winston offers features plenty of character.

Augustus T. Zevely Inn

This hotel Salem Winston was first built in 1844 to be the private home of Dr. Augustus Zevely, and was renovated to become a Winston Salem hotel in the 1950s. In true Winston Salem tradition, this Hotel Salem Winston has been restored to its original Moravian glory, with intricate wood design and lovely European and old southern decorations throughout. Prices start at $80 and go up to just over $200 for a suite, and do include a continental breakfast during the week and a full, sit-down breakfast on the weekends. Located in the historic district, this Hotel NC Salem Winston is within walking distance of many great attractions.

Marriot Winston Salem Hotel

This hotel Salem Winston is considered to be one of the nicest hotels in town. It also happens to be the largest, rising to a impressive 9 stories in a town known for its small private inns. The hotel still manages to maintain a specific Winston Salem feel, however, and rests nicely in the downtown area close to many modern shops and restaurants. The in-house restaurant, WS Prime, is also one of the best in the area and worth checking out even if you don’t plan to stay here. Prices start in the $80 range for a double and move up to over $200 for a suite. Hotel amenities include and indoor pool, fitness center, business center and room service.

The Brookstown Inn

As perhaps the most popular hotel NC Salem Winston offers, travelers will want to make reservations early for a stay at the Brookstown Inn in North Carolina. Interestingly, this hotel can be found in a structure that is a restored cotton mill which used to create material for Confederate uniforms during the Civil War period. In addition to the nicely appointed rooms, the décor throughout the main lobby and common areas is meant to be reminiscent of some of the golden ages of the south. Prices are between $116 and just under $200 for a night, and rooms have their own private bathrooms.

Tanglewood Manor

This hotel is actually a Bed and Breakfast, and was part of the estate of William Reynolds, which spanned more than 1000 acres to the south of downtown Winston Salem. Breakfast is included in the room fees, which are between $80 and $200 each. Fishing and swimming are available at the lake in the nearby park, and there is no extra fee to use the lake for guest of the hotel.

Winston Salem

Winston Salem

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