North Dakota Airports

The North Dakota airports are spread evenly across the state, and while some of them are small airports that deal with less air traffic than the larger ones, they can still help travelers save on time when visiting the state. Should you be looking to spend the bulk of your time in Dickinson, for example, catching a connecting flight to the Dickinson-Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport can help you save on ground travel time. In addition to serving the needs of travelers who are arriving from outside the state, the North Dakota airports also come in handy when traveling within the state itself. North Dakota is the seventeenth-largest state in the country, so driving from destination to destination can easily eat up a lot of your time, especially if you are looking to cover a lot of ground.

The Grand Forks Airport (GFK) is the busiest airport in North Dakota, and it's a great place to land if you're planning on spending a lot of time in the Red River Valley. The Grand Forks Airport (GFK) is renowned for its convenience, its safety, and its customer service, which means you can all but guarantee a smooth airport experience. You can find the Grand Forks Airport (GFK) just five miles north of the city's business district, and there are some good airport hotel options close by if you are in need of a convenient place to stay. Once you arrive at the airport in Grand Forks, you can hail a cab to get to your ultimate destination, as they are available around the clock. Should you be looking to rent a car, you can go that route as well, as some of the major car rental agencies have a presence here. Some Grand Forks hotels offer complimentary shuttle service to their front doors. These include the Ramada Inn, the Clarion Inn, and the Best Western Townhouse. When you find yourself with some time to burn at GFK, there is an onsite restaurant and gift shop, and free wireless internet access is available as well.

The Fargo airport, which is only about 80 miles south of Grand Forks, is another spot you might consider when looking to fly into the eastern part of the state. Officially known as the Hector International Airport, the Fargo airport has seen an increase in passengers in recent years, and it does well to keep those passengers satisfied. The passenger terminal at the Fargo airport was recently expanded, and the addition of a new baggage claim area means picking up your luggage after you arrive is easier than ever. As a side note, the Fargo airport was the intended landing point for the plane that Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper boarded in Iowa in 1959. That plane never made it, and the fate of these three musicians prompted Don McLean to write his all-time greatest hit, American Pie. Conveniently, the Fargo airport is also just a few miles from the city's business district. To get from the airport to the city or to your hotel, you can either rent a car or hail a taxi cab.

Other major airports in North Dakota include the Bismarck Airport and the Minot airport. The Bismarck Airport boasts a new terminal that was completed in 2005, and this terminal has done well to decrease congestion, among other things. While waiting to board your plane at the Bismarck Airport, you can hang out at the Fly N Buy Restaurant and Gift Shop, or you can grab some refreshments from the small café. Free wireless internet access, vending machines, and a small video arcade area round out the general amenities here. As for the Minot airport, which is officially known as the Minot International Airport, it can be found just two miles from the city's business district, so you’ll waste hardly any time on your city commute to the airport. Like most of the other airports in North Dakota, the Minot airport offers free wireless internet access, which is nice when you find yourself with some time on your hands.

As for the smaller airports in North Dakota, they can be found in Dickinson, Williston, Jamestown, and Devils Lake. When flying into these airports, you will usually have to make a connecting flight first. Finding hotels that are close to the various North Dakota airports shouldn't be an issue, save for the times of year when local festivals are going on. Minot, for example, hosts the North Dakota State Fair in late July and early August, and the Minot hotels can fill up fast during this prominent event.

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