North Dakota Car Rentals

North Dakota car rentals present an unmatched avenue for sightseeing. North Dakota is home to numerous attractions that beckon to be explored. One of the best ways to get the most out of North Dakota vacations is to visit the key attractions and sights, which leave a long-lasting impression of this distinct and extraordinary state. With the west and east sections of North Dakota so far from each other, many visitors choose just one to explore, yet the state is around 350 miles across, making it easily drivable within a day or two. Road trips with North Dakota rental cars are an ideal approach to exciting vacations with adventure ready to be discovered around every turn.

A good starting point for a road trip, and the home of one of North Dakota's most-frequented airports, is Grand Forks. If you're taking airlines to North Dakota, this is where you will most likely start off. North Dakota car rentals are easily picked up at the airport and can be dropped off on your way back home. If you're driving into North Dakota you'll have more choice in your itinerary. It's easy and convenient to rent a car in North Dakota directly from the airport and pick it up upon your arrival.

A trip to Fargo from Grand Forks is a must. Fargo hotels offer great overnight accommodation, and the numerous things to do are the highlight of many North Dakota vacations. A great route to take with North Dakota rentals cars is directly west from Fargo along Highway 94 toward Jamestown, then onward toward Bismarck and Dickinson, home of the Dakota Dinosaur Museum, ending up in the North Dakota Badlands.

Heading west from Grand Forks, use North Dakota rental cars to drive to stunning Devils Lake. Devils Lake may be your final destination as there is so much to do in the area it can easily tie up a fun-filled week or two. If you're keen on exploring more than one area, spend a few days in Devils Lake and head further west toward lovely and laid-back Minot, home to Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge Backway. When you rent a car in North Dakota, another advantage is the freedom you'll enjoy to stop at any of the dozens of captivating ghost towns that exist across the state.

The Badlands are another of the state’s top attractions, and exploring the many points of interest throughout them is easily done with North Dakota car rentals. Theodore Roosevelt National Park deserves a visit, whether you decide to enjoy a few nights camping or only a day exploring the historical routes and spectacular lookouts. North Dakota rental cars come in handy when traveling between the South and North units of the park, as they are quite a distance from one another. All around the western region you can see an array of exciting places when you rent a car in North Dakota.

With almost 70 wildlife refuges and parks scattered around the state, North Dakota car rentals are useful tools for nature-lovers, particularly bird enthusiasts, to explore a larger number of these impressive protected areas. Most of North Dakota's wildlife refuges and parks have a long, outstanding conservationist history and also present some of the most striking backdrops in the state.

Yet another option on a lengthy list of possibilities for North Dakota rentals cars are tours of scenic byways. With North Dakota car rentals, Little Missouri National Grassland is easily explored with the tour ending in historic Medora, which borders Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Nearby attractions include Knife River Indian Villages and breathtaking Painted Canyon. The North Dakota Frontier offers another picturesque drive. This lovely route begins in Bismarck, leading into Williston and finally to the Medora Scenic Drive. With so many possibilities available to tourists with North Dakota car rentals, don't forget to get out, stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh air while taking some incredible photos.

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