North Dakota Casinos

Six North Dakota casinos are available that you can consider visiting when enjoying a little gaming action on the side is part of your vacation plan. In addition to these casinos, visitors can also stop by one of the more than 800 sites in the state that offer blackjack. These blackjack sites feature betting limits that run between $1 and $25, with all the proceeds going to charity. All of the North Dakota casinos are all open 24 hours a day, so you can tempt lady luck at 3 a.m. or any other hour of the day or night if you please. You don't have to gamble to enjoy your time at one the casinos in North Dakota, as they offer other activities that will likely be of interest to you.

One of the premier casinos in North Dakota is the Dakota Magic Casino, which can be found in Hankinson. It's a short drive to the Dakota Magic Casino from Wahpeton, and it won't take you too long to get here from Fargo, Jamestown, or Valley City. When hitting the slots or playing some table games isn't part of your plan at the Dakota Magic Casino, you can always tee it up for a fun-filled round on the Dakota Winds Golf Course. One of the other top North Dakota casinos is the Spirit Lake Casino and Resort, which rests on the shores of scenic Devils Lake.

The Spirit Lake Casino and Resort promises the "largest selection of games in North Dakota," which helps to make it a popular place to try your luck. These games include table games like poker, craps, and blackjack, and when you're not bellying up to a table, you might pull up a chair in front of a slot machine. The Spirit Lake Casino boasts more than 600 video and reel slot machines, and all of these machines are ticket in and ticket out machines, which means that you won't have to worry about dealing with coins. In addition to a lively casino, the Spirit Lake Casino and Resort also offers an entertainment auditorium, two restaurants, a marina, a 124-room hotel, and RV parking, among other things.

The other North Dakota casinos that you might look to visit on your upcoming trip include the Four Bears Casino and Lodge, the Prairie Knights Casino and Resort, the Sky Dancer Hotel and Casino, and the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Mini-Casino. Like the Dakota Magic Casino and the Spirit Lake Casino, these casinos in North Dakota are owned and operated by Native Americans. Enjoying the "Best Gaming in North Dakota" is what the Four Bears Casino and Lodge promises, and you can find this complete casino in New Town, which is not too far away from the larger cities of Minot and Williston. As for the Prairie Knights Casino and Resort, you can find it in Fort Yates, which is only about 45 miles south of Bismarck. In addition to a lively casino where both slots and table games can be played, the Prairie Knights Casino and Resort also features an event center where you can catch live entertainment, a comfortable lodge where you can shack up for the night, and two restaurants, one of which is a buffet-style eatery, the other of which is a fine-dining establishment.

Save for the Turtle Mountain Mini-Casino, all of the North Dakota casinos offer a similar kind of scene, meaning that you can hit the bar, enjoy a bite to eat, catch a live show, or relax in your room or suite when you're not testing your luck at the casino. The Turtle Mountain Mini-Casino, which offers 70 slot machines, can be found in Belcourt, which is also where you will find the Sky Dancer Hotel and Casino. Both of these casinos offer proximity to the Bottineau Winter Park Ski Resort, so you might look to hit the slopes on the side during the winter months. As a side note, in addition to considering the North Dakota casinos that are listed in this article when looking to enjoy some gaming action on your North Dakota vacation, you can also consider heading into the neighboring state of Minnesota, where casinos like the Shooting Star Casino and the Northern Lights Casino await you.

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