Devils Lake North Dakota

A Devils Lake vacation is ideal year-round, especially if you like to fish. The town of Devils Lake North Dakota takes its name from the lake on which it sits, and the fishing here is among the best in the state. Devils Lake North Dakota hails itself as the Perch Capital of the World, and in addition to fishing for perch on your Devils Lake vacation, you can also hope to snag some pike, walleye, and white bass. The Devils Lake attractions revolve largely around the great outdoors, so there will be plenty of opportunities to spend some time outside.

Devils Lake is the largest natural lake in North Dakota, which is part of the reason so many visitors include it in their North Dakota vacation plans. The size of the lake itself varies regularly due to a few different factors, such as the amount of precipitation. Since Devils Lake does not have a natural outlet, such as a river or a stream, it depends on seepage and evaporation when it comes to releasing some of its water. Millions of dollars have been spent by both the state and the U.S. government to control flooding. On the northern side of Devils Lake you will find the town of the same name, while the lake's southern shores border the Spirit Lake Indian Reservation. Some of the top Devils Lake attractions can be found within the boundaries of the Spirit Lake Indian Reservation, and they include the Spirit Lake Casino, the Fort Totten State Historic Site, and the Sullys Hill National Game Reserve.

When you're not gaming at the Spirit Lake Reservation casino or checking out the historic structures and artifacts at the Fort Totten Historic Site, heading to the Sullys Hill National Game Reserve to enjoy some time outdoors is recommended. The reserve covers more than 1,600 acres, and it consists mostly of wooded hills and marshlands. Some of the animals you can view at this wildlife refuge include American Bison, prairie dogs, elk, and white-tailed deer. Numerous migratory bird species call the Sullys Hill National Game Reserve home during different parts of the year, which helps make birding one of the top outdoor pursuits here. Visitors to Devils Lake North Dakota can also go hunting if they are interested. The lake itself is open to public hunting, and if you like to hunt duck, then this is the place for you.

In addition to visiting the Sullys Hill National Game Reserve, those who are looking to enjoy the outdoors on their Devils Lake vacation can always enjoy the area's 1,142-acre park system. The park system includes Grahams Island State Park and a boat-access area called the Black Tiger Bay State Recreation Area. Should the Devils Lake hotels not suit your fancy, you can go camping at Grahams Island State Park. In addition to both modern and primitive campsites, this island park also offers rental cabins. Hiking, boating, and enjoying picnics are among the top things to do at Grahams Island State Park, which is at its busiest during the warmer months.

There's a lot to see and do in Devils Lake North Dakota, and when you're not enjoying the great outdoors, taking walking tours in the historic downtown area or visiting area museums is recommended. There are no fewer than fourteen buildings in downtown Devils Lake listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and area museums like the Maritime Museum and the Old Post Office Museum do well to keep visitors busy. The Devils Lake attractions are numerous and varied, so you might plan to spend an extra day or two here if possible.

Devils Lake is located 90 miles west of Grand Forks, and combining the two destinations in your North Dakota vacation plans can be a good idea. Fargo, which is the largest city in the state, is just 163 miles away, so you might add it to your list of possible side trip destinations. Flying into either Fargo or Grand Forks and then renting a car is possible when traveling to Devils Lake, but since the town boasts its own municipal airport, you might opt instead to catch a connecting flight in Minneapolis-St. Paul and fly here directly.

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