Dickinson North Dakota

If you are looking to enjoy the great outdoors in North Dakota, then Dickinson just might be the ideal destination. You'll find the small city of Dickinson North Dakota in the beautiful southwestern part of the state, where the hills are the highest and the opportunities for outdoor recreation are numerous. Since Dickinson is just 100 miles west of the capital city of Bismarck, you might look to combine the two destinations when making your North Dakota vacation plans. There are plenty of terrific attractions to enjoy in both Dickinson and Bismarck, and the area offers up other delights if you're looking for side trips.

Finding fun things to do in Dickinson is easy, especially when one of the many local events is going on. The Dickinson events are as diverse as you could want them to be, and since they are offered throughout the year, you'll likely have the chance to enjoy one regardless of when you visit. One of the top Dickinson events is the annual Bar-b-Que From the Heart State BBQ Championship, which is held in early September. You can enjoy plenty of good eats during this festival, which awards cash and prizes to those who most please the judges. One of the other Dickinson events you might consider including is the Annual Xmas Parade of Lights, which takes place in early December. This event features a parade where a series of floats decked out in Christmas lights make their way through the downtown area. There are far too many Dickinson events to list, and you are encouraged to consult the city's events schedule when planning your visit.

Even if you don't visit Dickinson North Dakota when there is a special event or festival going on, you will likely find it hard to get bored. Attractions like the Dakota Dinosaur Museum and the Dickinson Museum Center do well to entertain visitors, and the area parks and wildlife refuges keep nature enthusiasts happy, especially during the warmer months. The Dakota Dinosaur Museum is one of the attractions families won't want to leave off their Dickinson travel itineraries, though you'll have to plan your visit between May and Labor Day, as the museum is closed the rest of the year. The fourteen full-scale dinosaur skeletons on display at the Dakota Dinosaur Museum are the main draw, though there is more to see here if you have time to spare. Before or after you visit the Dinosaur Museum, you might stop by the Joachim Regional Museum, which is found right next door. This museum offers exhibits that revolve around the history of southwestern North Dakota, and unlike the Dakota Dinosaur Museum, it is open year-round.

Historic buildings figure prominently among the North Dakota attractions, and those who are on a Dickinson travel itinerary can pay the Prairie Outpost Park a visit if they want to see some of them. Among the historic buildings found at this park are a post office, a church, and a general store, all of which give insight into early life in Dickinson North Dakota and the surrounding region. Other attractions you might include in your Dickinson travel plans are the Pioneer Machinery Building and the Ukrainian Cultural Institute. The former features an array of interesting exhibits that revolve around early farming techniques, early pioneer life, and other subjects, while the latter focuses on Ukrainian culture. The Dickinson North Dakota residents who are of Ukrainian descent are quite proud of their heritage.

Just west of Dickinson North Dakota is the Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit, and this haven for outdoor enthusiasts is what brings many visitors to the area. Hiking among the colorful North Dakota badlands in Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a joy, and the park is home to a myriad of plant and animal species. Among the animals you can expect to spot here are wild horses, bison, elk, and prairie dogs. When you're not out enjoying the great outdoors, you might hop in the car and take a drive down the Enchanted Highway, which can be found in nearby Regent. Finding things to add to your Dickinson travel itinerary is a breeze, especially when you consider all the great attractions in the area. It's worth booking a stay at one of the Dickinson hotels for at least a few days when making your North Dakota travel plans, as there are few destinations in the state that can rival Dickinson in terms of attractions and access to the great outdoors.

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Dickinson North Dakota


If you are looking to enjoy the great outdoors in North Dakota, then Dickinso...

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