Fargo North Dakota

Fargo North Dakota has held on to its motto as the Gateway to the West since the Northern Pacific Railroad was established in the 1870s. The city, which is the largest in North Dakota, is named after the Wells Fargo Express Company founder, William Fargo, who was also a railroad director. While Fargo has seen its fair share of ups and downs since its founding in 1871, it has enjoyed a relative amount of growth and success in the modern era thanks to the addition of major business operations. Fargo North Dakota is a culturally rich destination, thanks in part to the area universities, which include North Dakota State University. The schools contribute significantly to Fargo's performing arts scene, and the Fargodome, which can be found on the North Dakota State University campus, is a great place to catch college sporting events, big-ticket concerts, and trade shows, among other things. There's definitely a lot going on in Fargo North Dakota, and the city more than warrants a visit when in the area.

Like the city of Grand Forks, which can be found 78 miles to the north, Fargo rests on the western banks of the Red River. The river, which separates eastern North Dakota from western Minnesota, gives its name to the Red River Valley. This valley was once part of a glacial lake named Lake Agassiz. When Lake Agassiz drained out more than 9,000 years ago, it left an abundance of sediments behind, and these sediments are partly responsible for the valley's rich soil. Agricultural pursuits have long been at the heart of things in Fargo North Dakota, and the Red River Valley Fair is a good place to observe the land's bounty. If you can't make it for the Red River Valley Fair, which takes place in July, you can always look to include other annual events or festivals in your Fargo travel plans.

One of the top Fargo attractions, Bonanzaville, USA, holds an annual festival you might look to include in your visit. The Pioneer Days at Bonanzaville Festival revolves around the city's early pioneer days, and it features parades and craft shows, among other attractions. Visiting Bonanzaville, USA is one of the top things to do in Fargo, regardless of whether the annual festival is going on. Open from May to October, this museum complex offers terrific insight into early prairie life. A number of historic buildings from the area have been moved to Bonanzaville, USA, which can be found just two and a half miles west of town.

The top Fargo attractions include more than one museum, and if you are interested in the area's Nordic heritage, a visit to the Hjemkomst Center is recommended. You'll have to cross the Red River to Moorhead Minnesota to enjoy this attraction, which features a replica Viking ship and a replica Norwegian-style church. The city of Moorhead is often mentioned in the same breath as Fargo, as the two are the base of the collective Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area. Back on the North Dakota side, the Fargo Air Museum and the Plains Art Museum are two more area museums you might consider adding to your Fargo travel agenda. The former features aircrafts and aircraft-related artifacts, while the latter diplays both regional and national artwork. For baseball fans, the Roger Maris Museum, which is housed in a special wing at the West Acres Shopping Center, is one of the Fargo attractions that is not to be missed.

Fargo attractions are too numerous to cover in just one article, and you shouldn't have trouble finding things to do on your visit. Families with younger kids won't want to pass on a visit The Children's Museum at Yunker Farm, which offers great interactive exhibits, and they'll also do well to include the Red River Zoo on their Fargo travel itineraries. The Red River itself is one of the top Fargo attractions, and you can enjoy pontoon boat tours on it between Memorial Day and Labor Day. For those who prefer to propel their own watercrafts, kayaks and canoes can be rented at the boathouse, which is right next to the Hjemkomst Center.

Visiting the area parks and golf courses are two more ideas for fun things to do in Fargo, especially when the weather is nice. It does get cold in Fargo, so if you want to enjoy the outdoors, it's best to visit in the spring, summer, or fall. There is something for everyone when it comes to Fargo travel, and the Fargo hotels cover all the bases as well, so plan your trip and see what the Gateway to the West has in store for you.

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