Jamestown North Dakota

Whether you are traveling to North Dakota with family members, friends, or all by your lonesome, the city of Jamestown makes for a great destination. This pleasant city, which was slated to become the state capital in the late 1800s, offers a range of attractions, many of which are free. It's also the site of quite a few annual festivals, which only adds to the list of things that you can consider enjoying during your visit. Enjoying the great outdoors, delving into Old West history, and viewing albino bison are just some of the fun things to do in Jamestown ND. Start planning your fun-filled Jamestown North Dakota vacation today, and see for yourself just how much there is to enjoy here.

While Bismarck basically stole the capital status from Jamestown in 1889, that doesn't seem to bother many modern day residents, as they are proud of their city regardless. They are also proud of their work ethic, which is something that Jamestown North Dakota is noted for. The city is also noted for having the World's Largest Buffalo, which is easily one of the top Jamestown North Dakota attractions. The World's Largest Buffalo is actually a statue that measures 26 feet tall and 46 feet wide. It was built in 1959 and is the inspiration for the city's nickname, which is The Buffalo City. Like the sculptures that line the Enchanted Highway, this statue is among the most popular roadside attractions in the state. Should you be interested in viewing real buffalo during your Jamestown North Dakota visit, you can make a break for the Frontier Village. You can watch buffalo roam on 250 acres of land at the Frontier Village, and there are other things to enjoy here as well. At the Frontier Village, you can explore a re-created prairie town, check out an array of historic buildings and exhibits, and even visit the adjacent National Buffalo Museum.

Frontier Village is without question one of the top Jamestown North Dakota attractions. Among the other things that you can enjoy at the village include the Kirkpatrick Gallery, which is ideal for art enthusiasts, and the Louis L'Amour Writer's Shack. Louis L'Amour is Jamestown North Dakota's most famous native son. If you are a fan of the writer, then you can also consider enjoying a Trail of Louis L'Amour walking tour when looking for fun things to do in Jamestown ND. These self-guided tours pass by a number of interesting sites, including L'Amour's childhood home and the church that his family attended. You can arm yourself with a tour map at Frontier Village, which is open year round. Even if you aren't familiar with the works of Louis L'Amour, enjoying a tour on the Trail of Louis L'Amour is one of the best things to do in Jamestown ND, as you'll pass by some of the city's most cherished historical buildings.

Jamestown North Dakota offers a relatively rich cultural scene, thanks largely in part to the Jamestown Arts Center and Jamestown College. You can check out local art, regional art, and national art at the Arts Center, and it's always worth checking out the center's events schedule, as it is known to host quite a few musical and theatrical performances throughout the year. As for Jamestown College, one of the things that it is known for is its talented choir, which tours internationally every four years. In 1972, the Jamestown College Choir became the first choir from the U.S. to perform at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Other cultural Jamestown North Dakota attractions that you can enjoy include the Stutsman County Memorial Museum, which is housed in an old mansion, and the Fort Seward and Flags Across America site, which offers an informative interpretation center.

Enjoying some quality time outdoors is one of the more popular things to do in Jamestown ND, as there are many recreational pursuits to take advantage of in the area. Golfing and hiking are just two possibilities when it comes to enjoying the outdoors in and around Jamestown, and you can add fishing and biking to the list as well. Jamestown boasts more than 30 miles of trails, some of which are paved, which makes for great hiking and biking. If you are looking to go golfing, both the Hillcrest Golf Course and the Jamestown Country Club boast enticing courses. As for fishing, you can hope to snag some trout, crappie, perch, pike, walleye, and other fish species in the area lakes.

Finding things to do in Jamestown ND is easy, and since the city is only around 100 miles from the cities of Bismarck, Fargo, Devils Lake, and Grand Forks, you will have plenty of interesting side trips to consider. Find your ideal fit among the Jamestown North Dakota hotels today, and come see for yourself why this destination is among the top in the state. Jamestown boasts its own airport, and since it rests along Interstate 94, getting here by car is easy.

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