North Dakota Lakes

There is an amazing number of splendid lakes in North Dakota, many adjacent to state parks and other recreational areas. The scores of lakes in North Dakota highlight the breadth of outdoor activities available, both on and off the water. How do you choose which of the North Dakota lakes to visit? A large number of lakes are near many great attractions. A great way to decide which lake—or lakes—to visit during North Dakota vacations is to first consider which attractions are paramount stops during your getaway. The next step is to see which lakes in North Dakota are nearby and what facilities are available.

Devils Lake

The vibrant community of Devils Lake has an abundance of things to do and attractions to explore. At Devils Lake, recreation reigns with numerous accessible activities. Devils Lake fishing is by far the most popular activity. Devils Lake is home to an extensive network of trails, allowing anglers excellent access to the lake itself and to the ice in the winter months. Other things to do at Devils Lake North Dakota include wildlife watching, birding and hunting. There are several area parks, terrific historic walking tours, a casino and other gaming establishments, and great regional golfing facilities.

Lake Sakakawea

Lake Sakakawea is adjacent to Lake Sakakawea State Park making it an incomparable area with loads of exciting activities. Lake Sakakawea fishing is highly notable, offering anglers an extensive range of sport fishing opportunities. Brown, lake, and rainbow trout as well as Chinook salmon thrive in Lake Sakakawea. The park portion of Lake Sakakawea, connected to Garrison Dam, offers a large variety of water-based recreation and a range of facilities, including a full service marina offering boat rentals, camping sites, a convenience store, and fishing guides. There are also plenty of fishing events hosted in the park throughout the summer.

Rock Lake

Rock Lake is one of the lesser-known North Dakota lakes, but it does have some fantastic fishing opportunities. Rock Lake fishing presents the chance for some exciting catches, such as fine specimens of various trout. Conveniently located near Winnipeg Canada, tourists often cross the Canadian border, heading toward Turtle Mountain and Spruce Woods Provincial Parks. Rock Lake is north of Devils Lake and northeast of historic Minot, making day trips convenient.

Powers Lake

Powers Lake North Dakota is home to several interesting events throughout the year including parades, music festivals, and close-knit community events that create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. There are many recreational pursuits to enjoy around Powers Lake, and the small reservoirs and lakes surrounding, it including boating in warmer months and fishing in all seasons. Native birds and other animals can be seen at Lostwood National Refuge, only ten miles from Powers Lake North Dakota. Hunting, as well as golfing, is available during vacations by the lake.

Lake Ashtabula

Lake Ashtabula is a top pick when choosing between lakes in North Dakota. Located in a breathtaking river valley in the eastern central region, there are plenty of things to do and lots of sightseeing as well. Game fishing is one of the leading outdoor sports, and visitors can also try swimming, camping, and boating, plus cross-country skiing and snowmobiling in winter months. During both spring and fall, birders head to Lake Ashtabula North Dakota to see thousands of vibrant waterfowl migrating. Seven individual boat launches, playgrounds, picnic facilities, restrooms, and clean drinking water are all available to visitors. There are also fourteen distinct wildlife territories around the lake ideal for a look at native species.

Stump Lake

Although perhaps not the most appealing name of all, Stump Lake North Dakota is a designated park with exciting events going and with plenty of great activities and facilities. Pioneer Village, located inside Stump Lake Park, hosts a number of annual events such as music festivals, craft shows, and art exhibits. Pioneer Village comprises a number of old buildings housing historical artifacts such as hand-pulled fire equipment and even a steam engine. There are campgrounds, dining facilities, a pavilion, and the glistening lake with two docks and a boat launch. Hiking and cycling trails complete the list and create one of the best family-friendly North Dakota lakes.

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