Minot North Dakota

Minot North Dakota might not be the best place to visit in the winter, but it's a good warm weather destination. Many of the top Minot attractions revolve around the great outdoors, which is true of many attractions across the state. When you're not enjoying outdoor recreational activities, you can always plan a museum visit or a trip to the zoo. Learning about Lewis and Clark, doing a little shopping, and enjoying a customized tour are just a few more options when it comes to things to do in Minot, and you might be interested to know that it is here where you will find the North Dakota State Fairgrounds.

The North Dakota State Fair, which takes place in late July and early August, is one of the top festivals in the state, and you can catch it in Minot. Add this fun-filled event to your Minot travel plans, and you certainly won't have trouble finding things to do here. In addition to featuring plenty of rides, games, and food concessions, the North Dakota State Fair also features big name music acts, so you'll want to keep an eye on the lineup. Another place where you can catch some interesting concerts is the Amp, which is one of the more unique Minot attractions. The Amp is both a youth center and a venue for music performances, and all ages are welcome. The concerts at the Amp are typically held on the weekends. Minot North Dakota boasts a rich arts community, and you can also look to catch performances by the local symphony orchestra and the local opera company if you are interested. Minot State University calls Minot North Dakota home, which only adds to the city's cultural appeal.

Some of the top Minot attractions revolve around some of the residents' Scandinavian heritage. Almost 40 percent of the people who live in Minot are of Scandinavian descent, and they show their Scandinavian pride every year in October. The Norsk Hostfest, or Norwegian Autumn Festival, is the largest Scandinavian-American festival in North America, and while it carries a Scandinavian theme, it also features big ticket performers who are not of Scandinavian descent. While including a major festival in your Minot travel plans is always a good idea, there are plenty of other things to do here when no special events are going. Should you miss the Scandinavian Festival, you can still get a taste of the region's heritage by visiting the Scandinavian Heritage Park. This park features a replica of a Stave Church, which is a kind of medieval wooden church that was prevalent in modern day Scandinavia. As a side note, the best place to see authentic stave churches that have stood the test of time is Norway.

Spending time at a zoo or teeing it up for a round of golf are among the other fun things that you can add to your Minot travel itinerary, and the city boasts more than a dozen parks where you can find an array of facilities. Roosevelt Park is one of the largest parks in Minot North Dakota, and it's here where you will find the Roosevelt Park Zoo. While not as renowned as the Dakota Zoo in Bismarck, the Roosevelt Park Zoo is still one of the region's best. Like most of the top recreation areas in the Minot area, the Roosevelt Park Zoo is only open between the months of May and September. When you're not viewing the animals at the Roosevelt Park Zoo, you might head to one of the nearby animal refuges to view native species roaming in the wild. The Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge is the closer to Minot than the other area wildlife refuges are, so it's your best bet if you are tight on time.

Should you have plenty of time to spare and are looking to add some things to your list of things to do in Minot, you can always consider a side trip to the Fort Mandan Historical Site, which is only about 60 miles to the south. It was at Fort Mandan that Lewis and Clark spent the winter in 1804-05. While the original Fort Mandan was burned to the ground by unknown culprits, the replica that stands on the site today does well to give visitors an idea of how it was. Not far from Fort Mandan is the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, which offers exhibits that revolve around the exploits of these two famous explorers. When adding nearby attractions like these to your list of Minot attractions, it becomes evident that getting bored doesn't have to be part of the picture.

Minot travel plans can include so many interesting things, and while there are quite a few Minot hotels to choose from, they can go fast when a major event or festival is going on. It's always a good idea to book your stay at a hotel in Minot North Dakota in advance when possible, unless you are looking to rent an area cabin or stay at an area campground. Wherever you choose to stay in Minot, plenty of great attractions await you, and don't forget that fishing rod as Lake Sakakawea is just an hour's drive away.

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