North Dakota Vacations

North Dakota is the seventeenth largest state in the U.S., so there is plenty of room to spread your wings out here. Add in the fact that North Dakota ranks 48th when it comes to population, and that means plenty of wide open spaces where you can truly get away from it all. From the Badlands in the west to the Red River Valley in the east, North Dakota presents its visitors with a range of experiences to consider. North Dakota vacations can see you hiking among scenic buttes and cliffs in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, or fishing in the Red River regardless of the time of year. That's just the tip of the iceberg, however, when it comes to all the things that vacations to North Dakota have to offer. With so many great North Dakota vacation spots to choose from, you might find yourself adding a few extra days to your trip, as there is plenty in The Peace Garden State to keep you busy.

Two of the top North Dakota vacation spots are Lake Sakakawea and Devils Lake, both of which are prime fishing destinations. Visitors can fish at either lake regardless of the time of year, and perch, pike, and walleye are among the most common catches of the day. When visiting Lake Sakakawea or Devils Lake, you can stay at a lodge-style resort, rent a cabin, or find a more standard motel or hotel room, and often times, your lodging will be included in the overall price when you choose to go with a vacation package. The North Dakota vacation packages often involve your lodging and some activities, not to mention a meal here or there, so they are always worth checking out when planning your getaway. Fishing is by no means the only outdoor activity that you can enjoy on vacations to North Dakota. Golfers, for example, will be happy to hear that there are some excellent golf courses here that are priced to please. North Dakota is a relatively affordable vacation destination, and anything from a round of golf to a night in a luxury hotel will cost you less than it will in many other states. North Dakota vacations are increasing in popularity partly because of their affordability alone.

Enjoying time outside is usually part of the plan for most North Dakota visitors, and there are a lot of different ways to enjoy your time outdoors in this large, yet sparsely-populated land. Hiking is rewarding regardless of the time of year, and if you want to escape from the real world for a while, you can always go hiking in the state's wilder backcountry areas. Hiking enthusiasts are likely to consider the state parks here to be among the best North Dakota vacation spots, as they all boast hiking trails to fit a range of tastes and preferences. They also tend to boast campsites and cabin rentals if you prefer staying close to nature come nightfall. Speaking of nature, wildlife viewing is also one of the top things to do on vacations to North Dakota. There are more wildlife refuges in North Dakota than in any other state, so you will have plenty of opportunities to admire some fascinating creatures. You're also bound to see quite a lot of wildlife when hiking in the state parks, and more often than not, a round of golf is bound to include some wildlife viewing, whether you had it in mind or not.

The cities in North Dakota are also to be considered when planning your fun-filled visit to this northern state, and you might start by exploring the capital of Bismarck, where the State Capitol and the Dakota Zoo are among the top attractions. Bismarck, like the other larger North Dakota cities of Fargo, Minot, and Grand Forks, boasts its own busy airport, so you can fly directly into the capital city if you are coming by way of plane. Some of the other smaller North Dakota cities, such as Williston and Jamestown, also offer airports, and while these airports handle less air traffic, you can still use them to save on travel time.

The local museums, shops, and restaurants help to make cities like Bismarck and Dickinson top North Dakota vacation spots, and plenty of tempting side trip destinations are nearby. Maybe you'll be up for a side trip to a casino or a quick visit to a state historical site. North Dakota casinos like the Dakota Magic Casino might not be as renowned as those that you'll find in Las Vegas, but they can still deliver an authentic casino experience. As for the historic sites, they are as plentiful as you could want them to be.

Getting around to all the top vacation spots on North Dakota vacations can be difficult if you don't have tons of time to spare, as there are so many good ones to choose from. As such, you just might find yourself planning a return trip as soon as you get back home. The experiences that you will enjoy on North Dakota vacations are bound to stay with you for a long time, regardless of how much time you have to spend here. So plan your North Dakota getaway today, and see for yourself just how rewarding a visit to this state can be.

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