Wahpeton North Dakota

Only around 8,500 people call the city of Wahpeton North Dakota home, so it's not a large city by any means. Wahpeton, despite its small size, is a very industrious city, however, and it is here where you will find the North Dakota State College of Science and a number of large manufacturing plants. You'll also find a bunch of great attractions for travelers in Wahpeton North Dakota, and since you're so close to some of the state's other top destinations, road trips are easy to add on to your itinerary here.

Wahpeton is located in the southeastern part of North Dakota, and it's just 40 miles south of Fargo, which means that you can combine the two destinations rather easily. The North Dakota cities of Valley City and Jamestown are relatively close to Wahpeton as well, so when you're not enjoying the Wahpeton attractions, you can consider paying these cities a visit. You can also hop over the state line of Minnesota on a Wahpeton getaway, as the city shares the border with the Minnesota city of Breckenridge. For those who like to play golf, the Bois de Sioux Golf Course offers a unique experience. This course features nine holes that are in North Dakota and nine holes that are in Minnesota, so you can tell your friends back home that you hit a drive so long that it carried into another state. Golfing isn't the only way to enjoy some quality time outdoors in Wahpeton. Over at the Kidder Dam Recreation Area, for example, swimming, fishing, and camping are among the outdoor recreational activities of choice.

While you are visiting the Kidder Dam Recreation Area, you can also check out Wahpper, which is one of the more curious Wahpeton attractions. This statue of a giant catfish is made out of fiberglass, and it weighs some 5,000 pounds. Wahpper is hailed as the World's Largest Catfish, and if you enjoy attractions like these, you'll want to head over to Jamestown to check out the World's Largest Buffalo. Make it over to Bismarck or Dickinson, and you can also enjoy a drive on the nearby Enchanted Highway, which features some curious statues of its own. Getting back to the Wahpeton attractions, you will want to consider adding the Prairie Rose Carousel and the Chahinkapa Zoo to your travel itinerary. The Prairie Rose Carousel was originally built in 1926, and it has been lovingly restored, retaining all of its original glory. As for the Chahinkapa Zoo, it offers more than 200 animals, and the Bengal tigers are among the big stars here. The Chahinkapa Zoo can be found close to the Prairie Rose Carousel, so you can easily pair the two attractions together when planning an afternoon of fun.

Visiting the Chahinkapa Zoo is definitely one of the top things to do in Wahpeton, and if you're interested in visiting more zoos in North Dakota, there are some other dandies worth considering. They include the Dakota Zoo, which can be found in Bismarck, and the Roosevelt Park Zoo, which you can enjoy while visiting Minot. In addition to viewing animals at the various zoos in North Dakota, visitors can also head to one of the state's many wildlife refuges to see some interesting creatures. The Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge is less than 40 miles from Wahpeton, and some of the animals that you can expect to see here include red foxes, beavers, whitetail deer, and coyotes. Birding is especially excellent at the refuge, as more than 240 species have been observed in the area.

As is true across most of North Dakota, finding things to do in Wahpeton is a breeze. Other top Wahpeton attractions include the Fort Abercrombie State Museum, the Richland County Historical Museum, and the Bagg Bonanza Farm Historic Site, each of which offers insight into the region's history. Enjoying a little gaming action is just one more option when it comes to the things to do in Wahpeton. The Dakota Magic Casino is a but a short drive away, so you can enjoy a taste of Las Vegas while vacationing in Wahpeton North Dakota. Should you want to stay close to the gaming action, you can always pass on the Wahpeton hotels and choose one of the rooms at the casino's hotel instead. Wherever you decide to stay when visiting the Wahpeton area, it's a good idea to book your stay in advance between May and September, as that's the peak travel season.

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