Cedar Point Passes

Cedar Point passes are a great way to get the most for your money on a trip to this popular Ohio amusement park. This type of Cedar Point discount ticket allows you to visit this park several times at a single rate, which is a great benefit to anyone who loves the rides at Cedar Point and is planning to visit more than once in a single season. When purchasing Cedar Point tickets, guests will find a variety of discounts and coupons for Cedar Point online as well as through their resort or hotel, particularly if they’re staying at one of the many hotels near Cedar Point. Whether you visit for one or more days, or purchase a ticket for single entry or multiple entries, Cedar Point offers more than just an amusement park—it’s a terrific coastal vacation destination, complete with resorts, cabins, campgrounds, and beaches, which are a great addition to the park’s fabulous roller coasters.

There are a variety of options to consider when purchasing Cedar Point passes, including the number in your party, how many times you plan to visit during the season, and whether you are planning to include other local attractions on your itinerary. A season pass is often the best bet for visitors who plan to tour the park several times throughout the year, but if you’re visiting once, you can still find Cedar Point discount ticket options. When planning a group visit, patrons can reserve discounted group tickets, whether the visit is for students, employees, friends, or family; oftentimes, groups of fifteen or more will find the best deals for group rates. Many of the nearby resorts and hotels of Cedar Point provide guests with a reduced entrance rate of about 30 percent off the regular admission fee as well.

In particular, season passes come in two different varieties: the Cedar Fair Platinum Pass and the Cedar Point Season Pass, both of which provide unlimited season access to Cedar Point. In addition to the access to Cedar Point, the Platinum Pass also provides admission to other parks in the area as well as amusement parks in other states, including California, Ohio, and even Vaughan, Canada. The Platinum Pass also guarantees complimentary parking for visitors, while the regular season pass does not. As an added bonus, Platinum Pass holders will enjoy special deals and discounts at the park as well as at other attractions on the peninsula, early admission to the park, and ride nights for exclusive ride experiences for pass holders.

If you have a Cedar Point pass, you’ll have access to additional discounts for some park experiences, such as midway games, food and drink, fishing, golf, and the gift shop; however, coupons for Cedar Point are not strictly limited to Platinum Pass holders. For those who are not planning to visit the park multiple times, or who have only purchased a season pass, coupons for Cedar Point can be found through the park’s web site. The park offers special deals, ongoing and seasonal, for various purposes, including themed meal deals, savings packs of coupons and vouchers to be used in the park, as well as other evolving attractions that vary from season to season.

Picking the right Cedar Point passes for your vacation involves some planning, as you need to decide what type of pass is best for your interests, in addition to choosing the best fit for your budget. Whether you choose a season pass or a single-use Cedar Point discount ticket, however, you’re sure to have an entertaining vacation at this popular Ohio destination—it’s well worth as many visits as you have time for.

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