Cedar Point Rides

Cedar Point rides come in a great variety, and there’s something to appeal to every visitor, from thrill-seekers to water-lovers to those who prefer the slow lane. It’s difficult to name the best ride at Cedar Point, as it depends on your taste, but this Ohio amusement park is known for its roller coasters, and many park visitors come just for these. That’s not all there is to do, however—in addition to rides and roller coasters at Cedar Point, visitors will find plenty of other activities, such as midway games, shows, and racing. With tons of adventures and entertainment options at hand, planning ahead for these activities may be essential to ensure a well rounded experience during your visit to the park.

The top rides associated with amusement parks are often roller coasters, and the roller coasters at Cedar Point don’t disappoint. Whirling through loops, climbing steep inclines, and falling at a heart-stopping rate are just some of the experiences to be enjoyed on these coasters. Among the roller coasters at Cedar Point there are varying levels of thrills, from the more low-key rides to the most aggressive, so be sure to choose the right level for you.

The Blue Streak, dating back to 1964, and Mean Streak, one of the longest rides at Cedar Point, are the park’s two wooden coasters. Woodstock Express, Wild Cat, and Jr. Gemini are all favored by youngsters and families, with Jr. Gemini at the low end of the thrill spectrum. Wicked Twister, Mantis, Maverick (often called the best ride at Cedar Point), Magnum XL-200, and Corkscrew all feature the aggressive thrill level for the extreme adventurers. For a themed ride, Cedar Creek Mine Ride and Disaster Transport both take riders into another realm, and these Cedar Point rides are popular with visitors of all ages.

Roller coasters are not the only rides that thrill patrons of Cedar Point, however; similar to many carnival rides, Matterhorn, maXair, Monster, Power Tower, Skyhawk, Troika, Chaos, and Witch’s Wheel all await thrill seeking visitors to shoot riders into the air, lurch and heave in all directions, and spin out of control for the ultimate adrenaline rush. The thrills aren’t limited to anyone over 48 inches tall—the kiddie rides such as Sky Fighters, Roto Whip, Frog Hopper, and Bumper Boats offer their own set of thrills. For a more laid-back experience, try one of the family rides, such as the Sky Ride, Space Spiral, Midway Carousel, or the Lolli Swing. On a hot summer day, the best ride at Cedar Point is usually one of the water rides, with Snake River Falls, Thunder Canyon, and Shoot the Rapids all keeping riders cool in the warm weather.

Between rides, visitors can try out the other attractions in the park, including Soak City, Challenge Park, various shows that take place day and night, culinary goodies, and simply appreciating the atmosphere. Soak City is an 18 acre section of Cedar Point that exclusively filled with everything water, from slides to rafts to pools. In Challenge Park, guests will find thrill rides, go karts, and mini golf, though each attraction incurs a separate fee. Whether you are an avid thrill seeker or a mellow rambler, Cedar Point offers something to suit everyone’s taste, and the Cedar Point passes and packages discounts available through the hotels near Cedar Point can put a vacation here within the budget of almost any vacation..

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