Cuyahoga River

The Cuyahoga River flows through the northeast section of Ohio in the United States. The Cuyahoga River fire, caused by an oil slick catching fire in June of 1969, is decidedly the most famous of all events in the state. The fire spawned the 1960s environmental crusade. The Cuyahoga River was created by the advancement and retreat of massive sheets of ice during the most recent ice age roughly 11,000 years ago. Today it is the focus of all types of outdoor recreation, from Cuyahoga River fishing to white water rafting to hiking the trails around the banks. The Native American tribe called Iroquois, who lived along the river, named it Cuyahoga, which means crooked river.

The Cuyahoga River flows through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park between Akron, Ohio, and Cleveland, Ohio. The river makes a journey of about 100 miles, beginning at the watershed in Hambden and courses to the south to where the river’s east and west branch meet at Burton, Ohio, and the river begins. From there it flows to Cuyahoga Falls where it runs through the national park and onward past five Ohio cities until it finally ends at Lake Erie. There are forty tributaries along the river including Morgan Run, Breakneck Creek, Yellow River, and Bridge Creek. The stretch of river where east meets west is a popular place for Cuyahoga River activities.

If it’s fishing on the Cuyahoga River you’re after, you’ll be privy to a raw, natural landscape paired with excellent sport fishing. Along the upper part of the river, smallmouth bass and pike fishing is best. There are also many species ideal for baitcasting, fly fishing, and spinning such as rock bass, channel catfish, white and yellow perch, bluegill, sunfish and even a small quantity of largemouth bass. One of the best places for fishing the Cuyahoga River is the area around Kent, Ohio. One of the best Cuyahoga River fishing spots for smallmouth is the area between Pleasant Valley and upward north to Rockside where many anglers claim to have excellent luck.

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