History of Ohio

Before the American Revolution warfare raged on in Ohio history between the Erie and Iroquois Native Indian tribes and the Erie tribe was extinguished. Other significant tribes came to take their place such as the Ottawa and the Shawnee tribes. Explorations of the Ohio Valley in the history of Ohio began circa 1669 and France took the area into their control. The Ohio River, seen as the lifeblood of residents in the state, became a targeted destination for those seeking land and fur-trading opportunities.

At this time in Ohio state history violent events between the French and British were predominant. The forks at the Ohio River brought up another major rivalry circa 1754 in Ohio facts and the last of the Indian and French wars were seen around this period. Eventually the French were defeated by the British but acts by the British created massive strife which led to major discontentment and eventually to the American Revolution.

Marietta, southeast of current-day Columbus, was the first long-lasting settlement in Ohio history. Ohio facts illustrate that the state became a territory in 1799. The first constitution was assigned in 1802. In 1803 Ohio became part of the Union and War of 1812 ensued. Attacks by the British near Sandusky, current home of Cedar Point Amusement Park, as well as near the Maumee River were resisted successfully. There was naval triumph by Oliver Hazard Perry on Lake Erie where many people now enjoy excellent Ohio camping and boating. The permanent capital of Columbus was established in 1816.

In the history of Ohio a battle over territory with Michigan was won in the Toledo War in 1837. At this time railroad and industrial development was encouraged by the Loan Law. Canals which used to be utilized for transportation of goods were replaced by railroad transport and expansion on the industrial front grew even more in Ohio state history. Proceeding the Civil War development in industry advanced even more with ore and petroleum shipments dominating economic activity. Cleveland enjoyed economic benefits from industry thriving around Lake Erie shorelines. Ohio facts show many immigrants arriving in Ohio due to all the profitable trade and massive fortunes were accumulated.

The history of Ohio shows 1913 as being a particularly devastating time due to the flooding of the Ohio River and other waterways. Locks and dams were improved in Ohio history and continue to be restored where flood control is necessary. In 1929 the Great Depression hit hard. Major strikes in Ohio history during the 1930's struck another major blow in the Akron area. Ohio prospered greatly during World War II but 1949 and 1959 brought on a flood of steel strikes which hurt the economy. The 1960's brought about political instability and the 1970's saw violence triggered by the killing of four students at Kent State University north of Canton who were protesting the Vietnam War.

In the history of Ohio a massive economic decline occurred during the 1970's and 1980's. Coal, steel and automobile industries suffered near catastrophic collapse and unemployment became a big issue. Since those rough times in Ohio state history focus turned to more diverse economy and the further development of the service area. Health care flourished and research in the industrial sector continues to expand and grow.

These days Ohio doesn't appear to have suffered any permanent damage from the hard times the state has experienced. The history of Ohio has been tumultuous at times but the recovery has revealed an exceptional state awaiting visitors with open arms. The many things to do attract people from all over and attractions and events in the state offer a myriad of exciting vacation activities for all.

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