Kings Island Rides

Kings Island rides are sure to provide an adrenaline rush. This popular theme park, only 25 miles from Cincinnati, is home to a variety of rides that will thrill, entertain, and make you scream. Roller coasters at Kings Island test the limits of all visitors—these are some of the highest, longest, and fastest in the country. The biggest of them all is the Kings Island Diamond Back, a roller coaster that might leave your stomach at the starting point.

Luckily, there is a Kings Island Amusement Parks ride for everyone. If you don’t like roller coasters, or are traveling with small children, Kings Island is still a great place to go. Planet Snoopy is a new attraction that brings the favorite Peanuts characters to life with a variety of kid-friendly rides and attractions. With four roller coasters at Kings Island designed just for kids, this is the perfect place for a family vacation, and guests of all ages will find plenty of things to do here. Live entertainment is another form of fun for the family; from country music to ice-skating to a character meet-and-greet all members of the family will love a day at Kings Island.

Roller coasters at Kings Island will keep kids (and adults) screaming in delight all day long. The longest wooden roller coaster in the world is located at this theme park, the legendary Beast. One of the best Kings Island rides is the tallest, fastest coaster in the park. Reaching heights of 230 feet and speeds of 80 miles per hour, the Kings Island Diamond Back is feared by some and loved by many. Parents may want to make sure that their children are ready for the “aggressive thrills,” as Kings Island classifies it, that this coaster provides.

The list of thrilling Kings Island rides goes on and on: Delirium is a spiral ride that spins people in all directions 137 feet above the ground, Drop Tower plunges 315 feet straight down, Firehawk will make you feel like a test pilot, Flight of Fear takes place in complete darkness, and Invertigo brings you both forwards and backwards at 55 miles per hour. Whether you like classic wooden coasters or modern-day fast and furious coasters, you will find the perfect ride for you at Kings Island.

While Kings Island Diamond Back is the most popular coaster, there are many other rides worth a go as well. Plunge into darkness in the Crypt, enjoy the 1970s wooden coaster the Racer, or be tossed and turned on the roller coaster Vortex. If you’re looking for a way to experience all of these thrills at a discount, look into booking your Kings Island tickets online. Adults will automatically see significant savings on their ticket by purchasing online, downloading a ticket, and printing it out, or by buying a multi-day pass for the same price as a one-day ticket. A further strategy for finding an affordable ticket is to search for current Kings Island coupons on the internet. With a few extra clicks of the house, you could be enjoying the thrills of Kings Island roller coasters for even cheaper.

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