Kings Island Tickets

Kings Island tickets offer a variety of options for park visitors, so if you want to make the most out of your Ohio theme park experience, it’s best to do your research ahead of time, as there are a few options available that might save you money or add more value to your vacation. One option is the Kings Island season pass, which is ideal for families who live nearby and plan on visiting multiple times throughout the season. There are also some discount tickets for Kings Island, so do your research in advance to make sure you save the most money when planning a thrilling summer vacation.

Purchasing Kings Island tickets is easy and convenient. Tickets can be purchased online at the Kings Island web site, downloaded, and printed at home. This will reduce the time you wait entering the theme park—making everyone happier from the beginning of the day! All sorts of tickets can be purchased online, including the Kings Island season pass and group sales. If you’re planning a group visit to the theme park (with fifteen people or more) you can pre-purchase discounted tickets online, as well as Kings Island coupons. The same group discount is available for kids’ birthday parties as well. If you’re looking to splurge, purchase VIP tours that include front-of-the-line privileges, reserved show seating, and a behind-the-scenes tour.

One way to secure discount tickets for Kings Island is to purchase through the theme park’s web site ahead of time. In an effort to reduce traffic at the gate of this popular theme park, a $15 discount is available to those people who purchase their tickets online and print them at home. The savings on adult Kings Island tickets is significant, as that is nearly a 30 percent discount, though the savings for children isn’t quite as substantial. If you’re looking for a cheap Kings Island ticket, one of the best deals going is the Buy Once, Visit Twice 2-day admission. For the full price of a one-day ticket bought at the gate, you can visit any two days and they don’t have to be consecutive.

Another option is the Kings Island season pass. These are purchased annually, and there are two types: the standard Kings Island season pass and the platinum Kings Island season pass. The first option costs about $100 for adults and includes unlimited access to Kings Island; discounts on season passes are available for children and seniors, and you can also buy an annual parking permit. The platinum pass includes free parking, VIP benefits, and access to both Kings Island and the nearby water parks. The cost for this season pass is $150 for four or more, or $160 for each individual adult. Kids and seniors costs $90.

Discount tickets for Kings Island are one way to stick to a budget when visiting this top Ohio theme park. Another strategy is to choose budget accommodation. By booking your hotel or motel in advance, you might be able to secure a more affordable rate. Some of the hotels near Kings Island also offer free parking and shuttle services between the hotel and the theme park, saving you additional money by not having to pay for parking. Kids are sure to love a vacation to Kings Island, and you will love all the savings by researching and booking in advance of your trip!

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