Lake Erie Sailing Charters

Lake Erie sailing charters are a memorable and scenic way to experience the blue skies and blue waters off the shores of northern Ohio. Whether you want to relax or learn how to sail, you'll find the waters of Lake Erie a fitting backdrop for your Great Lakes vacations.

From Sandusky in the west to Ashtabula in the east, the shoreline of Lake Erie is dotted by full-service marinas. Many of these serve as the starting point for Lake Erie charters and sailing schools, complete with parking, shopping, and snack shops to enjoy before the trip begins. These ships, even though they look like something from the past, are equipped for your comfort and safety. Some of the vessels have snack shops on board, while other itineraries include picnic lunches or moonlight meals. If you have the chance to enjoy a fish fry aboard your Lake Erie sailing charters, you should take it because you'll be sampling one of the local specialties.

While many people enjoy Lake Erie charters for the Great Lakes scenery, others are in it for the history. During the War of 1812, these waters hosted the most important Naval battle ever to take place in the Midwest. Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry led the squad who battled—and defeated the British—securing an important victory for the Americans and their fledgling war effort. One of the tallest national monuments can be found on the island near where the battle took place. The Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial is located on South Bass Island in the charming little community of Put-in-Bay. It's easy to see from many of the sailing cruises

If you're planning on spending some time on South Bass or any the Lake Erie islands, you'll need to book passage on the mainland. While you could hop aboard an airplane or ferry, a trip aboard one of the Lake Erie sailing charters is a nice alternative. You'll have the chance to enjoy the scenery and a quiet, comfortable ride on your way to the island. Even if you're not planning on staying the night, a cruise the islands is a pleasant addition to your vacation. Many of the Lake Erie sailing charters offers that give you a few hours to sample the shopping on Kelley's Island or the Peace Monument and museums in Put-in-Bay.

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