Mantis Cedar Point

Mantis Cedar Point is one of the many thrilling roller coasters in the park, and it’s an unusual one as well—patrons must stand up for the entire ride. At the time of its construction, the Mantis Roller Coaster was among the highest, steepest, and fastest stand-up coasters in the world, featuring drops of up to 137 feet, four inversions, and a top speed of 60 mph. Although it is no longer the premier coaster in the park, it holds its own in popularity with newer rides such as Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, and Wicked Twister.

The anticipation on this roller coaster at Cedar Point builds as the train scales an immense slope, rising to the height of 145 feet before plummeting 137 feet directly into a giant loop, slipping from there into a slightly smaller loop, then another loop on an incline, and finally into a flat spin. The complete trip will take patrons on a two minute and 40 second ride of a lifetime. Cedar Point features a thrill scale for all of its rides, ranging from low to aggressive; the Mantis Roller Coaster offers an aggressive position on the scale for its thrill seeking riders, and a minimum height of 54 inches is enforced on this ride.

Incredibly fast, exceedingly thrilling, and high enough to make you dizzy, Mantis Cedar Point offers an adventure that leaves many trembling. Cedar Point is known for its roller coasters, and the large number of thrill rides is what makes this Ohio amusement park such a perennially popular destination, in addition to the availability of passes and nearby hotels.

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