Millennium Force

Millennium Force, built in the year 2000, is a true force among the Cedar Point coasters. It broke several records upon its completion, including being the first complete circuit roller coaster to top 300 feet in height. While many of the small roller coasters in Europe utilized a cable lift system instead of a chain lift, Millennium Force Cedar Point was the first to use this system in the United States, and it is the largest coaster in the world that does so.

The reason for the cable system is that a chain, which would weigh more than six tons at the required length, would have been too heavy for the coaster. The Millennium Force was so large when it was first erected that Cedar Point named it a “giga coaster,” the first of its kind. At its highest, Millennium Force Cedar Point overlooks Lake Erie before riders plunge down an 85-degree angle drop, reaching a top speed of 95 mph through a number of twists, rolls, turns, and tunnels.

Since the park’s first roller coaster, the wooden Blue Streak, was opened in 1964, there have been many advances in size, speed, height, and thrills with each of the additional coasters. Millennium Force, the fourteenth Cedar Point roller coaster, is always a popular ride, and other popular coasters here include the Top Thrill Dragster and Maverick. With beautiful Lake Erie as a backdrop, the coasters at this Ohio amusement park offer lovely views as well as exhilarating thrills.

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