Ohio Biking Trails

When searching for biking trails Ohio has many located in the central region amidst the Franklin County Metro Parks. Three Creeks, Sharon Woods, Heritage Trail and Glacier Ridge are just a few of the parks that boast biking trails. At Glacier Ridge alone, there are more than 1000 scenic acres to explore.

Family fun in Ohio definitely includes trail riding. An outdoor adventure can include numerous activities Ohio is well known for. During camping trips, there are numerous activities for great family fun in Ohio. The lake presents the perfect setting for enjoying the outdoors and appreciating the beautiful environment. Family fun in Ohio can also be had at one of the many amusement parks such as Cedar Point where kids and adults can enjoy the water park, live events and spine-tingling roller coasters! Ohio offers so many fun activities deciding what to do might require some compromise!

In the Southeast region, there are biking trails Ohio residents cherish. Hockhocking Adena Bikeway is named after Native Americans who first inhabited the area. There are more than 19 miles of paths that twist and turn their way along. It's possible to rent bicycles here as well. Along the biking trails, Ohio historical sites can be seen such as the historical Armitage House. For a shorter ride, Lake Alma in MacArthur offers 3.5 miles of scenic biking trails that traverse valleys and hilltops. Aside from the Ohio bicycle trail, the park also offers Ohio fishing, swimming, hiking, camping and more.

Cycling is a great way to explore an area more intimately and discover things you wouldn't otherwise see while walking in the midst of cities or driving. With a little extra effort this mode of transportation can fill your holiday with wildlife sightings, fantastic places to explore and some added exercise sure to get your blood flowing and boost your energy! Ohio biking trails are just the way to do it. The amount of Ohio biking trails available is surprising and they come in many different forms so every level of rider can enjoy a cycling trip, short or long.

Running along the southern side of the state biking trails abound. The Grand Rapids Toledo area has some great Ohio biking trails, which include the Miami and Erie Canal Towpath. This cycling path is a combination of dirt and stone pathways that run for eight miles. Though it may be slightly rougher than some others in the area it's challenging and fun. The trail has historical significance and at one point of the ride, cyclists can hop onto a canal boat and take an Ohio cruise through the working lock. There is free admission in the waterpower mill along the ride as well. The trail runs from Farnsworth to the Providence Metro Park.

An Ohio bicycle trail is best enjoyed in spring or fall when the weather is cooler than the dog days of summer. Early or later spring sees everything blooming and coming anew and fall is defined by brilliant color and vibrant scenery. For biking supplies or gear the bigger cities all have specialized bicycle shops where a variety of bike accessories can be found.

For serious cyclists looking for a more challenging Ohio bicycle trail, the state parks found in Ohio are perfect. Actual mountain biking is banned along trails but allowed on the all-terrain paths and there are many of them. Beaver Creek State Park, Findlay State Park and Kelley's Island State Park are just a few of the many excellent state parks in Ohio.

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