Kings Island

Paramount Kings Island Resort, located near Cincinnati is a premier amusement park destination in Ohio. Providing a huge assortment of entertainment the park boasts live shows, games, rides and food all wrapped up in one thrilling destination. The 364-acre family entertainment center offers visitors seven vibrant areas all with their own theme. There are 40 first-class rides to enjoy, a massive water resort featuring an Australian theme and an outdoor amphitheater with seating for 10,000 people! The resort is home to one of the greatest Ohio waterparks in the state.

Aiming to see the park in a full day is no longer much of a possibility as Paramount Kings Island has grown immensely. Seeing it all in a full day isn't ideal as many things will be missed so if possible opt for a two-day trip. The thrill rides are a favorite and amp up Paramount Kings Island popularity. Top Gun, Vortex and TombRaider are all favorites as is the Extreme Flyer ride where hang gliding and skydiving meet for a daredevil adventure. There are also many live events at the park so check the calender for listings.

The Racer is the American classic wooden coaster, The Beast is the longest wooden coaster in the world and the Son of Beast will leave you screaming at the top of your lungs, sending your heart into your throat to be gulped back down just in time for another twist or turn! Drop Zone is also a favorite at Paramount Kings Island and Delirium will leave you wondering which way is up and which is down!

At Paramount Kings Island Resort, there are so many things to do that the kids will never want to leave, so be prepared! Nickelodeon Universe is another part that includes 18 rides and attractions to be enjoyed. Ticket prices at Paramount Kings Island are $44.95 for adults and juniors and seniors tickets are $29.95 but be sure to check before purchasing. Paramount Kings Island Resort hours vary from July through to October but the usual opening hours are from 10:00am to 10:00pm. It closes early later on in the year so be sure to check hours carefully before visiting.

Paramount Kings Island resort is also home to one of the best Ohio waterparks in the state called Boomerang Bay and the indoor waterpark called Wolf Lodge. Visitors can soak up more than 15 wet and wild rides including the Tasmanian Typhoon, Pipeline Paradise, Kangaroo Lagoon and Great Barrier Reef to name only a few! This Ohio waterparks open from July through September from 11:00am to 7:00pm.

Ohio waterparks also include the Cedar Point Amusement Park's Castaway Bay which is a leading and extremely popular waterpark. Other waterparks for great summer fun are Fort Rapids Waterpark in Columbus, Coco Key Water Resort in Newark and Pioneer Waterland in Chardon. When looking for waterparks to cool the kids off during hot, summer months Ohio is the best place to go! Though the parks do become fairly congested, spirits are high as everyone joins in a massive cooling session at one of Ohio's fantastic water park destinations.

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