Powers Auditorium

Youngstown music and theater events are as important to residents as the venues at which great shows, plays and revues can be enjoyed. Powers Auditorium has been a longstanding, celebrated venue where a vast array of entertainment has been showcased. With interests in the same area of sound and music, the famous Warner brothers of Warner Brother's Pictures were the founders of the great Powers Auditorium which many say is the "finest theater ever built"

The Edward Warner Powers Auditorium Youngstown was originally founded by Albert, Harry and Jack in 1931 of Youngstown's history. The theater was in acknowledgement to Sam Warner, a brother of theirs who had died in 1928. Sam's vision included "talking movies" in a time of silent films. He had been trying to encourage his brothers to step into a completely new venture in things to do and try their hands at not-so-silent films and eventually the brothers ended up being the pioneers of talking pictures.

Thriving for almost three decades in the early 20th century Powers Auditorium experienced a steep decline at the same time that the film business suffered. The last of the big events there was a showing of "Bonnie and Clyde". The theater was scheduled to be demolished but was saved by financial efforts put forth by The Youngstown Symphony and two locals residents who saved it from demise.

Powers Auditorium Youngstown was completely overhauled in 1969. Youngstown tradesmen came out in droves to help with the renovation representing almost every skill and craft available at the time. Chandeliers were reconstructed, and old cornices were replaced or redesigned. 30 years worth of soiled carpets and damaged seats were ripped out to reveal the bones of the building which were in surprisingly excellent shape.

The task of cleaning began and the backstage area was reworked to include fly areas and soaring walkways for overhead transportation. Many of the buildings original adornments remained intact such as the imported marble pieces, the mosaic tiles, the stunning wood inlays and intricate fixtures. Original seating was restored and reintroduced to the upper and lower balconies and new seats were put in on the loge and first floor. The Powers Auditorium Youngstown was reborn and would provide things to do for visitors and local residents alike for years to come. Youngstown music would flourish on a new level with this newly restored and revered theater.

An acoustician brought in to assess the sound at Powers Auditorium declared it to be "acoustically sensitive". He had molded acoustic panels integrated into wall treatments due to the rare oval shape of the walls and ceilings. The acoustics in the auditorium proved to magnificent and Youngstown music took a turn with a new acoustically sound venue for concerts.

The Youngstown Symphony is the second musical assembly to overhaul an old-time movie house into a concert hall. These days the auditorium is a special venue for artistic performances, symphony concerts, grand celebrations and meetings.

When visiting Youngstown check the calendar events for when to go to Powers Auditorium. There are various theatrical and musical events happening every year that draw visitors and residents from nearby cities. Powers Auditorium Youngstown is only an hour's drive from Canton and Akron and well worth a visit for a play or symphony concert.

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