Pro Football Hall of Fame

Pro Football Hall Of Fame
Pro Football Hall Of Fame

The Football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio is an exciting destination for those who love the sport. The building itself comprises two levels both filled with exciting exhibits, a museum shop and more offering many things to do and see. Upon first entry the most significant of all is The First Century of Pro Football exhibit. Going further into the museum the next exhibit shows the contrast between football when it first began as a pro sport and pro football today.

The Football Hall of Fame opens up to reveal the next few exhibits. The Enshrinement Gallery is a favorite. Newer inductees here include football greats such as Bruce Matthews, Thurman Thomas and Gene Hickerson, a Cleveland player. The African-American Display, Enshrinee Mementos Room, the exciting Super Bowl Room and the Game Day Stadium are all located on the first level of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Inside the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Busts inside the Pro Football Hall of Fame  Image: EDrost88 (flickr)

When walking down the gracefully turning staircase to the lower level a bronze statue of Jim Thorpe in action greets football fans. Jim Thorpe was the first known pro footballer to play with the Canton Bulldogs. The Museum Store, Fans Interactive Exhibits, Snack Bar and the EA Sports Display are all on the lower level as well. A fan favorite is the "Call the Play" screen rooms where visitors can watch a play and call it. There's also NTN trivia at the NFL Football Hall of Fame

Football is to Americans as hockey is to Canadians! Americans love football and it only makes sense to have the NFL Hall of Fame dedicated to the favorite sport. Many wonder why the facility is in Canton Ohio but there are some good explanations for it. The major reason is in football history the American Professional Football Association was founded on September 17, 1920 in Canton. The association was renamed the National Football League years later.

Another reason the Pro Football Hall of Fame is in Canton is the Canton Bulldogs pro football team were around before the NFL was created leaving the earliest mark on the game as an organized sport. The Canton Bulldogs were also the first pro team to win the NFL championship over two consecutive years in 1922 and 1923. During the 1960's the residents of Canton kicked off a campaign determined to have the Pro Football Hall of Fame in their city and they got their wish!

Many people opt to visit the NFL Football Hall of Fame from nearby cities. The drive from Akron to Canton is about a half hour and from Cleveland to Canton it's about an hour's drive. Transportation is also available by bus between cities. When in Cleveland don't miss the other hall's of fame such as the Inventors Hall of Fame and the all-time favorite, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where you can visit exhibits about your favorite rock stars. Die hard fans in Columbus can take the over two hour drive to get to the Football Hall of Fame

From the 1920's and on the Pro Football Hall of Fame reveals major events, decade by decade to eager visitors. With more than 240 members to date, the hall's members have grown greatly from the original 17 members first inducted in 1963. 40 people sit on the Board of Selectors and have the tough job of choosing the newest members through strict criteria. Every year around the time of the Superbowl the board meets and elects new members. Though there is no specific number for new members chosen, the board's current rules do insist that each year between three and six new members will be chosen.

The Football Hall of Fame is a place many go to see photos and media snippets of their favorites, participate in fun events and brush up on their football knowledge, or lack of it! Between May and September see some of the busiest times for the NFL Football Hall of Fame. It's great to go early and see the best of the hall offers up close..

Open every day except for Christmas hours from Memorial Day through Labor Day are 9:00am to 8:00pm and 9:00am to 5:00pm for the rest of the year. Adult admission is $16.00, tickets for children 14 and under are $10.00 and seniors admission is $13.00. A Hall Pass is available for a combination visit to the NFL Football Hall of Fame, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum for a savings. Parking is free. Combine your trip with other events or attractions in the area or in nearby cities for satisfying and fun day out during your Ohio vacation

Top image: EDrost88 (flickr)

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