Raptor Cedar Point

Raptor Cedar Point takes riders on a wild journey through peaks, rolls, and rumbling turns, all while their feet are dangling freely in front of them. Named after the bird of prey, the Raptor roller coaster makes patrons feel as if they are swooping and gliding through the air, which helps make it one of the most thrilling rides at Cedar Point. Upon its completion in 1994, Raptor Cedar Point was the tallest and fastest of its kind in the world, and though it no longer holds that honor, its thrills still pack a punch.

This is one of the rides at Cedar Point known as an inverted roller coaster, meaning seats hooked directly onto the tracks from below, rather than having the coaster cars on top of the tracks like a train. This allows riders’ feet to hang without restriction, leading to a feeling of being suspended and flying as a bird. Some of the features include zero-gravity rolls, the cobra roll, a twisted turn outlining the shape of a cobra’s head, and helix turns (similar to a corkscrew swirl), which all together create a spine-tingling experience.

While planning a trip to this popular park, visitors will have a countless number of options available for rides at Cedar Point, each offering their own thrills that vary by category from low to aggressive, such as the roller coasters Mantis, Maverick, and Wicked Twister. The Raptor roller coaster is one of the highest on the thrill scale, and view of Lake Erie and the rest of the park from the peak of the Raptor are all part of the experience, as the roller coaster speeds along the track, twisting and turning throughout.

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