Ohio Car Rentals

An Ohio care rental is by far the most convenient way for visiting the state during a holiday. If you're planning on visiting some state parks and Ohio backcountry the sometimes rugged terrain can call for a larger vehicle such as an SUV but most people fair well with a standard economy car or sedan. Driving an SUV in the cities can be more of a hassle than it's worth. Blind spots are most predominant and this can be an accident waiting to happen when driving in unfamiliar territory unless you normally drive a larger car. Be wary of renting a bigger vehicle than necessary if visiting Ohio cities.

Forget about an Ohio car rental for a minute and consider the passenger trains Ohio provides. There are three circuits offered through the Amtrak organization in Ohio. Cincinnati, Cleveland and Toledo all have train stations, which are serviced by Amtrak making it really convenient to travel between these cities. Things to do in Cleveland and Cincinnati can easily fill out a wee-long vacation or more in Ohio. Amtrak will add a stop from Cincinnati at Paramount Kings Island in the future, which is sure to be a popular stop.

With passengers trains Ohio maps can be tossed out the window! Road maps anyway! Get your city map out and walk to plenty of attractions saving money along the way. In Cleveland attractions such as Terminal Tower, Jacobs Field and Cleveland Art Museum are all within walking distance, as are many more points of interest. The Amtrak also connects with other major cities such as Boston, Washington DC and Chicago. With passenger trains Ohio rental cars aren't necessary if concentrating on one or two cities. Round-trip rates between cities starts at $135.00 but check rates before booking.

Ohio steam trains functioned in Ohio providing tourist excursions on a busy schedule but those days are over. In Sugarcreek Ohio steam trains used to pull shortline passenger cars and the scene was like a blast from the past. Currently, the Ohio Central Railroad only deals with distributing cargo around the state. Passenger laden Ohio steam trains may be a thing of the past but a trip to the Ohio Central Railroad can still be an interesting side trip to see these ancient and massive trains that seem to have leapt right out of history!

An exotic car rental in Ohio is harder to find but not impossible. There are few companies that do rent them but don't necessarily advertise much. The best way to find an exotic car rental in Ohio is to contact a travel agent rather than looking for hours on your own. Some types of cars that may be available are Lamborghinis, Bugattis, Aston Martins, Alfa Romeos, Maseratis and Ferraris.

An exotic car rental in Ohio will cost big bucks! Going rates on prime cars can start anywhere around $500.00 per day with limited mileage and that's low-balling it! Rates vary greatly. Chances are these kinds of premium cars will be very difficult to find in Ohio and this is where a travel agent fits in. Online searches will most often just find you a luxury Ohio car rental.

When looking for a cheap car rental Ohio will provide it. Car rentals are so popular these days that rates are no longer what they used to be. These rates are offered year-round providing a huge savings when looking for an Ohio car rental during the holidays! These are great rates but if you have a large family they're likely not what you're looking for in a cheap car rental Ohio rental agencies offer. Ohio rental agencies can be found in airports, hotels and cities offering many deals on Ohio care rental. Search and book ahead online to secure reservations or have your hotel arrange an Ohio car rental on your behalf for the extra convenience.

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