Wicked Twister

Wicked Twister, constructed in 2002, is one of Cedar Point’s inverted roller coasters. Like the Raptor, this means the seats are fastened to the bottom of the track, rather than sitting on top like a train, and so passengers’ feet are allowed to dangle freely. This gives a great sensation of soaring, and the Wicked Twister Cedar Point is exceptionally thrilling because it’s the tallest and fastest ride of its kind in the world. Unlike traditional coasters, this particular Cedar Point Amusement Park roller coaster is not a complete circuit; instead, it has two ends, at one of which the train reverses and heads back towards the beginning of the ride.

On the Wicket Twister Cedar Point, riders are launched up a helix tower by a series of motors until the train reaches the halfway point and reverses. It is then launched a second time and passengers are accelerated up the rear helix tower. The train passes in this way several times before coming to a complete stop at the station, reaching a height of 206 feet and a top speed of 72 mph. All the while, this Cedar Point Amusement Park roller coaster commands a stunning view of Lake Erie as well as the rest of the park and its surrounding area.

Together with the Wicked Twister, there are countless rides and roller coasters throughout the park, including water slides, carousels, midway games, and kiddie rides. This amusement park is known for its roller coasters, however, and along with rides such as the Millennium Force and Maverick, the Wicked Twister Cedar Point is sure to provide plenty of thrills and will have you back in line for the coaster as soon as you step off the ride.

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