Oklahoma is one of the larger states in the Midwest, and thus it offers a wide range of different kinds of vacation, from exploring in the mountains and getting back to nature on a hiking and camping trip through to spending your time enjoying the urbane charms of Oklahoma City. With its world class tourist infrastructure, and the great value for money that it offers in comparison with similar destinations across the rest of the USA, Oklahoma is one of the best places to enjoy a vacation that offers a little more than just a theme park or a beach.

Ever since the era of the pioneers, when Oklahoma was right on the frontiers of the ever expanding push of civilisation into the west, it has been a place that attracted visitors. It has a rich history, and the state was once the home of the Choctaw tribe. Many of the Indians still live in the state and there are a number of reservations. Away from the federal laws, the Indian reservations in the state offer a range of tourist attractions including several Oklahoma casinos where you can gamble or enjoy high quality entertainment in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country.

Some of the most popular places to visit in the state include the many Oklahoma State Parks, where the best landscapes have been preserved and made even more accessible. In places like the Ozark Mountains and Black Mesa, you can hike, camp, and simply soak up the beautiful views that are on offer. Within an hour of Tulsa Oklahoma, you can find yourself in the heart of the countryside, miles away from the nearest town, and surrounded by great countryside which you will be keen to explore at your own pace.

During the summer, when the weather gets hot, many people head to the coastlines and beaches around the Oklahoma lakes. Around the foothills of the Wichita Mountains, you can find numerous different lakes of all sizes that have excellent facilities to make them perfect places in which to enjoy lazy days soaking up the sun, and because the waters are so safe, they are generally excellent for younger children to enjoy.

Although most people travel to Oklahoma in order to enjoy the call of the wild and to see the unique wildlife of the state such as Buffalo roaming free on the prairies, the state also has a number of different cities where you can shop and enjoy first class entertainment. In Oklahoma City Hotels you can enjoy all the comforts of home, as well as great service.

From the city streets of Broken Bow Oklahoma through to the wide open spaces of the Black Kettle National Grasslands, Oklahoma is a land of contrasts, where man and nature live face to face with each other, and where despite the amount of the state that remains untouched by the modern world, you are never too far away from the creature comforts that make life more enjoyable.

As with many other US states, Oklahoma is a place that lends itself really well to a self drive vacation, so consider renting a car during your stay in order to explore at your own pace, and allow yourself full access to the main attractions close by.

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