Oklahoma Airports

If you're planning a trip to Oklahoma, you have several different options for airports. Oklahoma airports in major cities such as Oklahoma City and Tulsa offer the most options in terms of commercial flights, while smaller airports in rural areas of Oklahoma provide regional flights around Oklahoma and the surrounding states.

If you're flying into Oklahoma from another state or abroad, your flight will likely arrive at either the Oklahoma City Airport or the Tulsa International Airport. Both of these airports offer regularly scheduled domestic and international flights on major airlines. These airports in Oklahoma are located less than a mile from many hotels that offer free shuttles to and from the terminals. Both larger Oklahoma airports also have taxis standing by to take you where you need to go.

The Oklahoma City Airport, officially called the Will Rogers World Airport, is the largest and the busiest of all Oklahoma airports. The airport is located just six miles from downtown Oklahoma City. Visitors can quickly access the downtown area by catching a taxi or a shuttle near the baggage claim area or by renting a car. Taking a public bus is also an inexpensive option for getting downtown, although it's certainly not the fastest way. If you have some time to spare before your flight, the Oklahoma City Airport has several shops and cafes. Wireless internet service is also available for a fee. The airport has both short term and long term parking facilities near each one of the terminals.

The airport in Oklahoma City has a museum dedicated to the history and achievements of women pilots. The museum occupies over 5,000 square feet and features historical artifacts, photographs, and documents that highlight the many adventures of female pilots throughout history. If you get time outside of the airport, Oklahoma City is also known for its art museum and it is worth visiting.

If you're vacationing in northeastern Oklahoma, your flight will likely arrive at the Tulsa International Airport. The airport is located only five miles from downtown Tulsa. Visitors can access downtown Tulsa by taking a taxi or renting a car from one of several rental facilities located throughout the airport. Like most airports in Oklahoma, the Tulsa International Airport contains a number of shops and restaurants as well as wireless internet access.

Both of the major Oklahoma airports have automatic check-in machines to ease the process of checking in for your flight. Like most airports around the world, flights departing from airports in Oklahoma are prone to delays due to weather and other factors. No matter which one of the airports you use, make sure to plan ahead and arrive at the airport well before your scheduled departure time.

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