Beavers Bend Oklahoma

Affectionately known as Oklahoma's Little Smokies, Beavers Bend Oklahoma is one of the more tranquil and naturally breathtaking things to do while visiting the state of Oklahoma. Generally speaking, the state's parks are uniformly excellent, although since the terrain they cover is so diverse in topography and surroundings, comparing one against the other is a slightly futile practice. Nonetheless, locals hold Beavers Bend Resort Park in extremely high esteem, and while it may not be the oldest or largest of Oklahoma's state parks (those accolades go to the Lake Murray State Park), there are enough attractions here to keep singles, couples, and families entertained for days or even weeks on end.

As its name suggests, Beavers Bend in Oklahoma is located on a bend in a river—the Mountain Fork River. Situated in the southeast of Oklahoma, the land here is simply stunning, featuring looming mountains and the picture-perfect Broken Bow Lake. Unsurprisingly, many of the reasons people chose to spend time here are the activities associated with these natural features. The mountains make for perfect hiking opportunities, while the lake is a haven for fishers and swimmers (paddleboats are available for rent if you prefer not to get wet). What's more, there's an 18-hole golf course in Beavers Bend Oklahoma, as well as tennis courts. For parents with children, horseback rides never fail to prove a great family activity at Beavers Bend in Oklahoma.

Another popular attraction at Beavers Bend Resort Park is the Forest Heritage Center, which features an array of historical documents, antique forestry tools, and a well-stocked research library. Visitors here will also find fourteen impressive dioramas painted by Harry Rossoll, with accompanying taped narration. Many of the Beavers Bend Resort Park events and festivals are hosted in the Heritage Center, including Annual Spring Wood Art Festival and the Beavers Bend Folk Festival. The latter is a particular calendar highlight, with fiddlers and banjo players twanging out folk classics while stalls demonstrate arcane crafts and the like.

If you're looking to stay for a night or more, there are a couple of accommodation options in Beavers Bend in Oklahoma. Lovelake Lodge is a wonderfully peaceful retreat. Its 40 rooms each come with private decking areas that overlook Broken Bow Lake. Camping in Beavers Ben Oklahoma is also an option, with plenty of RV and tent facilities on offer. In terms of dining, Beavers Bend Resort Park includes the riverfront Beavers Bend Restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch, and diner. For those who like to cook their own fare when camping, there's a well-stocked grocery store just next door.

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