Buffalo Run Casino

Buffalo Run Casino is known for its traditional, nostalgic atmosphere and for its popular Buffalo Run Casino Events. The casino is located in the northeast part of the state in Miami, Oklahoma, at 1000 Buffalo Run Boulevard. It is one of the largest casinos in Oklahoma, and has been making its name as a gaming destination which might not live up to Las Vegas, but can certainly rival the casinos in its neighboring states of Arkansas and Texas.

Like many casinos in Oklahoma, Buffalo Run Casino is owned by Native Americans and is open 24 hours a day. The casino’s 70,000 square feet of gaming space makes it a large casino, but not as big as some of its contenders in Oklahoma like the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa. It has over 900 gaming machines and 17 table and poker games, so gamers won’t find that they’re short on games to choose from, or lacking space to play. The Buffalo Run Casino is distinctive because it also hosts a nostalgic, Old West casino, in the heart of the modern complex. Joe’s Outback Casino has 400 gaming machines, a grill and a saloon, inviting gamers to take a step back in time and enjoy themselves.

As the casino is nestled in the northeast corner of the state, it attracts gamers from the bordering states of Missouri, Kansas and Mississippi. It's also popular with people on a tour of the gambling destinations in the state, as the city of Tulsa lies to the southwest of Miami, and is home to a good selection of casinos, including the Hard Rock Casino. Vacationers often use the Buffalo Run Casino Hotel as a base from which to visit other casinos, as not all other gambling destinations have accommodations.

The Buffalo Run Casino Hotel provides all a vacationer needs, so guests won’t have to step outside of the casino complex, if they don’t want to. The hotel features 100 rooms and one-room suites, so it is able to supply accommodation to a good proportion of its visitors. Amenities such as wireless and a fridge are available to all guests, as well as complimentary parking. The Buffalo Run Casino Hotel supplies complimentary breakfast. The casino also has a restaurant, which is open for lunch and dinner, but not at breakfast time.

Whether you’re celebrating winning or needing to drown your sorrows, the program of Buffalo Run Casino Events staged by the complex are sure to cheer you up, or make your night an even more memorable one. Buffalo Run Casino Events include musical shows such as Country and Western acts and rock performances, while sports events are also staged, with boxing tournaments being especially popular.

Miami, Oklahoma, may not offer the same buzzing nightlife and long lists of things to do as Oklahoma City, but this town definitely has a charm of its own. Two of its most popular attractions are the Coleman Theatre, built in the 1920s, and The Gordon House, which stands as a testament to time, recently restored to its former glory in the early decades of the twentieth century. If you’re looking for more modern art and culture, Tulsa, also in the northeast par of the state, stages world-class opera and ballet, and is known for its sophisticated bars and restaurants.

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