Oklahoma City Art Museum

The Oklahoma City Art Museum is situated in Oklahoma City's Donald W. Reynolds Visual Arts Center. The museum is comprised of original displays from the museum's own collection, temporary exhibits, a theater that screens independent, foreign, and classic films, and a restaurant. One of the highlights of the Oklahoma City Museum is the Chihuly glass collection, which is one of the most complete of its kind to be found anywhere in the world. The collection includes the 55-foot Memorial Tower of Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick located in the museum's atrium.

This great museum in Oklahoma City sits at the center of the downtown Arts District, where many of Oklahoma's best things to do can be found. The museum is much more than a made-for-tourists kind of place, though. Residents flock here for the world-renowned exhibitions, and regular film screenings, and in return the Oklahoma City Art Museum aims to put a lot back into the local community. There's a Library Resource Center, for example, and a Museum School where interested residents can take classes on a range of subjects regardless of age or skill. Additionally, the museum runs some widely acclaimed summer camps, and the onsite café proves a favored hangout for Oklahoma's intelligentsia.

The history of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art is complex in that it began in the early 1900s, along with the founding of the Oklahoma Art League. As the League grew in popularity, a divide began to appear between the conservative and modern art communities of the late 60s. Eventually this divide became a full-scale rupture, and the conservative segment of the League came to be known as the Oklahoma City Museum. Differences were reconciled in 1989, however, and the two divisions combined once more or create the museum as it now stands.

Possibly the most popular museum in Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma City Museum moved into its current location—the Donald Reynolds Visual Center—in 2002. Today, this museum in Oklahoma City is accredited by the American Association of Museums, and has a celebrated permanent collection of American and European Art. It attracts around 170,000 visitors every year from all over the U.S. and indeed the world.

And the best part about the fantastic Oklahoma City Art Museum is that is ideally located close to several Oklahoma hotels. In case you're not up to visiting the museum by yourself, guided tours are available to the museum and to other attractions in Oklahoma. Some of the locations that might be of interest to you, apart form the Oklahoma City Art Museum, are the wineries in the region, the Frontier City Amusement Park, and the casinos of Oklahoma. Fishing is another popular activity among residents of Oklahoma and for visitors who are looking to unwind.

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