Oklahoma Route 66

Driving through the heart of Oklahoma Route 66 is very much part of the state's history, as well as the history of America as a whole. The road was first established in 1926 having been championed by an Oklahoman businessman by the name of Cyrus Avery. Although it lost its highway title in 1985, effectively replaced by the Interstate Highway System, Route 66 in Oklahoma is very much still in existence. Today Oklahoma Route 6—also known as the Main Street of America—is returning to maps as Historic Route 66. The route has become a kind of unofficial site of pilgrimage, with scores of freewheeling travelers tracing its path while visiting the many Oklahoma Route 66 attractions as they go. Route 66 offers the type of roadtrip experience that you read about in cult novels and see in trendy 1970's films.

Route 66 in Oklahoma runs through the large cities of Oklahoma City and Tulsa, where you'll find many of the impressive things to do in the state, including a barrage of museums, and a couple of water parks too. In itself, Oklahoma City is one of Route 66's main attractions, while Tulsa, as a renowned cultural center, also attracts many Route 66 travelers. That being said, it can be just as fruitful to pass through the urban hubs and instead hit Oklahoma's more rural areas, where picture-perfect lakes and mountains abound, along with great fishing and hiking opportunities. If you fancying taking a break from a road trip along Route 66, a stay in one of Oklahoma's State parks comes highly recommended.

While traveling along Route 66 in Oklahoma, there are a couple of attractions that aren't to be missed. One of the best and most unexpected of the Oklahoma Route 66 attractions is the Oklahoma County 66 collection of iconic roadside replicas. Basically a one-man show created and run by John Hargrove, the collection of classic roadside imagery includes a Wigwam motel room, an upturned VW Beetle, and a pond with a replica version of the iconic blue whale. Everything here is strictly low-budget, which makes it all the more fun and interesting.

The Oklahoma Route 66 Museum in Clinton is basically an official (and better funded) version of Hargrove's project. Among the Oklahoma Route 66 attractions here you'll find a full history of the road, an onsite diner that was open back when the route was in its heyday, and the obligatory gift shop. Other Oklahoma Route 66 attractions include the many kitschy diners, cafes, gas stations, and general stores that litter the landscape, most of which are in varying states of disrepair.

For those traveling along Route 66, there are plenty of Oklahoma hotels in which to spend the night. As they provide comfortable lodging for extremely competitive rates, it can be well worth booking one of these instead of sleeping in your vehicle; Route 66 is long, and you'll be sure to get better kicks on it after a good night's sleep.

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