Oklahoma State Capitol

Located in Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma state capitol building is steeped in history and tradition. Although most people visit the state capitol in Oklahoma City to learn more about government, others visit the Oklahoma State Capitol to view over 100 pieces of art, ranging from murals and landscape paintings, to portraits of famous figures in Oklahoma history. The state capitol offers group and individual tours that will teach you everything you have ever wanted to know about the government of Oklahoma and the capitol building.

One of the biggest draws of visiting the state capitol in Oklahoma City building is viewing the unique bronze sculptures on the capitol building's plaza as well as the portrait of the Cherokee diplomat Sequoyah, who invented the written language of the Cherokee people. Much of the capitol building's artwork was created by famous figures in Native American history.

Construction on the state capitol building began in 1914, after many years of planning and anticipation. It was finally completed in 1917. The six-story Beaux Arts style building was constructed with gray and pink granite quarried in Johnston County, Oklahoma. The walls are constructed with locally-quarried limestone. Both the interior and the exterior of the building are elaborately ornamented, with stone sculptures, murals, and copper elements almost everywhere you look. The building is so significant that it is one of the buildings on the National Register of Historic Places.

A tour of the Oklahoma capitol building will reveal many interesting facts. Many people are surprised to learn that the state capitol in Oklahoma City is the only capitol building that is located directly on top of an active oil rig. Others are surprised to hear that the state capital of Oklahoma was once located in the nearby city of Guthrie before it was decided that Oklahoma City would be a better location.

Visitors are free to take tours of the Oklahoma state capitol anytime during the weekdays. Tours can be self guided, or you may take a tour with an employee or volunteer from the Oklahoma capitol building. If you're planning on taking a tour with a large group of people, it's best to call the Oklahoma capitol building ahead of time and inform them of your itinerary.

The welcome center at the main floor of the state capitol in Oklahoma City has brochures that highlight the main features of the building and provides facts about the history of the capitol as well as the Oklahoma state government. A snack bar on the fourth floor serves sandwiches and light fare. There are also many different restaurants and cafes located in the area around the capitol building.

With beautiful artwork adorning nearly every wall in the building, the Oklahoma capitol building is truly a treasure within the state of Oklahoma.

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