Tulsa Oklahoma

At once a Southern city and a Western town, Tulsa Oklahoma is a city with many facets. For many, Tulsa travel means a trip down Route 66; for others, it's a chance to celebrate Oktoberfest or admire art-deco architecture. This northeastern Oklahoma community's city's fortunes were forever changed with the discovery of oil. Today, many of museums and most interesting buildings reflect the philanthropy of oil barons and other benefactors who helped Tulsa OK grow into the fine city it is today. Whatever you choose to add to your Tulsa vacation, you'll be sure to enjoy a getaway far from your everyday routine.

Tulsa travel means the chance to experience the fun and nostalgia of Route 66, the road stretching from Chicago to Los Angeles. The portion that runs through Tulsa OK is being revitalized, with the addition of Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza. Considered the father of the mother road, Avery lobbied Congress to make America's main street a national road.

The list of attractions in Tulsa also includes the magnificent Philbrook Museum of Art. Once the home of oilman Wade Phillips, the museum features ornate gardens, an Italianate mansion, and an engaging art collection. The Gilcrease Museum, the onetime home of another oil baron, displays a collection of American art created from Colonial times to the present. The collection of art of the American West is one of the largest ever assembled. Much of its grounds have been left in their natural state, making it an interesting place for hiking.

Built during the oil boom, these are just two examples of the architecture that became the signature skyline of Tulsa OK. In fact, this city boasts some of the most examples of the 1920s art deco design anywhere, outside of New York City and Miami. Today, the historic districts of Tulsa Oklahoma are excellent places to experience the city's heritage and modern-day things to do. Vacationers can experience farmers market and restaurants along Cherry Street or African American heritage at Greenwood Cultural Center and the Mabel B. Little Heritage House in the Greenwood District. The revitalized Brady District has become a hot spot for artists, galleries, and nightclubs.

Other museums in Tulsa give visitors the chance to explore a diverse range of topics, such as science and history. At the Tulsa Air Museum, visitors can connect with the region's aerospace heritage, from the golden age of flight to the space age, and the Tulsa Children's museum engages young imaginations. More than 4,000 of treasures are part of the collection of the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art. The Tulsa Zoo & Living Museum, located in one of America's largest urban parks, invites visitors to discover the world's rich diversity of animal life up close.

Tulsa travel planners also can enjoy special events if their vacations are timed just right. When downtown Tulsa Oklahoma is dressed for spring, festival-goers gather to listen to music and celebrate the arts with the International Mayfest. One of the most attended events in Tulsa comes in the fall, Oktoberfest, an annual celebration of German food, spirits, music, and shopping under big-top tents.

Tulsa vacationers have many more things to add to their travel plans. The collection of Tulsa hotels is extensive, as are dining options and performing arts venues. Several casinos offer 24-hour gaming options, and the golfing scene draws in everyone from amateurs to professionals. And with a network of highways and one of the busiest airports in Oklahoma, it's easy to get to Tulsa OK.

Tulsa Oklahoma


At once a Southern city and a Western town, Tulsa Oklahoma is a city with man...

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