Oregon Attractions

Oregon attractions take on many faces, creating a host of entertainment for visitors while revealing the state’s most popular attributes. Indoors and out, up on high peaks and down in low valleys, on dry land or in the water, Oregon tourist attractions are as diverse as all vacations have the potential to be. From Oregon coast attractions to high points throughout the inland on the eastern side, there are so many opportunities for fun that it’s no surprise Oregon is a top vacation destination.

Astoria, situated in the Northwest Rockies along the coastal region of Oregon, is one of the top cities of interest during state tours. It is near an array of other Oregon coast attractions, which means easy access to the best of the Pacific Coast. Astoria is the oldest of any settlement on this side of the mountains presenting rich history for all to explore. There are dozens of other interesting sights within a half-hour drive, including Flavel House, Fort Astoria, the Columbia River Maritime Museum, and Fort Stevens State Park.

Anyone who loves some good retail therapy will fall in love with the Pearl District in Portland. The Pearl District is the most celebrated of all Oregon tourist attractions for shopping fans, boasting funky boutiques, trendy restaurants, plenty of cool art-focused lofts, and more. Nearby, Nob Hill takes second place as a hip shopping destination within the city. The district has plenty of unique appeal with a mix of rare shops and upscale dining flanked by mature trees lining scenic avenues. Portland also has a few large shopping malls for anyone seeking chain stores or upscale shops, and these include the Lloyd Center.

Those who visit the Willamette Valley are introduced to one of the most endearing towns in all of Oregon. One of the top Oregon attractions in the Valley is Cottage Grove, an enchanting historic town which is also referred to as the Covered Bridge Capital of the West. This area features charming bridges dating back to the early 1900s. The leading area bridges are within walking distance from the town core, making exploration a pleasure.

Animal lovers always make a point of visiting two of Oregon’s premier wildlife facilities; the Oregon Zoo and the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Both are top-notch facilities exemplifying the meaning of true dedication to preserving native and non-native wildlife. The aquarium is easily the most popular of all Oregon tourist attractions with families, exhibiting more than 1,400 species of ocean life and special exhibits showcasing fish, rare seabirds, and plenty of native plants. The zoo features animals from all around the world, from Peru to Alaska, and from high desert plains to frozen arctic landscapes.

Oregon coast attractions can include many things to do as well. These options range from sea kayaking to coastal camping to crabbing, one of the all-time most popular seasonal sports in the state. The coast is one giant attraction in itself that can be diverse or as singly focused as desired. The coast features abundant vacation rentals ideal for enjoying a vacation laden with the freedom to do as you please. From exciting activities such as deep-sea fishing to relaxing days spent sunbathing and reading a good book, coastal Oregon attractions fit every lifestyle.

Along the coast, more Oregon attractions include the fascinating Sea Lion Caves and the beautifully weather-sculpted Oregon Dunes, both family-friendly things to do when vacationing on the coast. Be sure to explore at least a few of the dozens of historic coast lighthouses and enjoy a day out on the water whale watching. Whether you’re looking for urban attractions and a more indulgent holiday, or a getaway roughing it in one of Oregon’s stunning state parks, the beauty and appeal of Oregon shines through each one of the state’s uniquely characteristic attractions.

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