Oregon Beach Vacation Rentals

Oregon beach vacation rentals are one of the best ways to enjoy comfortable vacations with plenty of freedom to do what you want when it’s most convenient. No leaving the room for daily cleaning services, no having to make reservations for dinner, and no chance of missing out on the fun with the beach or wilderness right at your doorstep. Oregon coast yurt rentals are another growing trend sweeping over the state. Skip Oregon hotels altogether and hit the coast, staying in your own private yurt.

From the northern coastal areas near Portland all the way south to Grant’s Pass, Oregon beach vacation rentals dot the entire coastline. With an Oregon beach vacation house not hard to find, and some welcome time away from the every-day bustle, planning a memorable getaway is easily accomplished. There is a deluge of private homes for rent along the Oregon coast, some small, some large, and many in between. Think of it as a home with everything you need to live comfortably all tucked inside. An Oregon beach vacation house generally comes with all the basics for everyday living, but some come with much more, depending on what your budget affords.

Oregon coast yurt rentals might be more than enough for those looking for a rustic, and reasonably priced holiday, but a vacation rental with all the trimmings is a better option for those seeking upscale lodging with the ability to make all decisions on a whim. From the beautiful coastal city of Bandon, set between two quintessential state parks, to cozy Coos Bay and lovely Cannon Beach in the north, an Oregon Beach vacation house can put you in an ideal location and the perfect luxury home to from which to experience the best of Oregon coastal living. Depending on what each rental offers as extras, you could be fishing off your own dock, or better yet, sailing the water and enjoying angling right on the ocean. Opulent swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, and plenty of beach equipment are just some of the extras available from Oregon’s luxury beach vacation rentals.

Oregon coast yurt rentals might not be considered lavish, but they fill a growing need for affordable coastal lodging that’s a step above camping. Yurts are like huts; they have a round shape usually with a cone-shaped roof, a door and a window or two. It is like a glorified tent with furniture and beds inside. Yurts originate from western Asia, created by the Nomads, and are now used widely throughout North America. Most Oregon coast yurt rentals accommodate five people with two bunk beds and a single, fold-out futon bed. Often there are opening skylights that increase ventilation and a proper lock on the doors. Yurts offer lodgers electricity, an indoor and outdoor fire pit for cooking, and a space heater.

Plenty of excellent areas full of things to do feature a number of yurts for rent. Most state parks now offer yurt rentals including Beverly Beach State Park near Newport and Sunset Bay State Park near Coos Bay. These wonderful outdoor locations offer the chance to explore the best of Oregon hiking, beach-combing, bird-watching, wildlife viewing, and water sports galore. Reap the same benefits from Oregon beach vacation rentals, which easily offer the same privileges and often more, for visitors looking for an exciting location next to the ocean.

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