Columbia Gorge Hotels

Columbia Gorge hotels offer visitors a chance to enjoy the gorgeous view of the gorge, a National Scenic Area, from the comfort of their own room. Catching a glimpse of this part of the Columbia River as it carves through the Cascade Mountain Range is breathtaking, and standing atop one of the parapets with the view before you is an altogether awe-inspiring experience. From opulent resorts overflowing with amenities to charming bed and breakfasts offering unique welcome home atmospheres to minimalist campsites promising a communion with nature, Columbia Gorge has a place for every style of vacations. Whether you are on a budget or planning for a splurge, saving money is always welcome; when planning a visit, be sure to check for available discounts and special, such as those generally offered for extended stays or off peak travel season deals, which can be found at just about every lodging, tying the package into an overall satisfying experience for all.

Hotels & Resorts

Hotels & Resorts
Hotels & Resorts

Ranging over an array of styles, Columbia Gorge hotels promise an assortment of exceptional experiences. Historical hotels, dating back to the earliest years of the 20th century and each one possessing a distinctive ambiance and décor, offer visitors the opportunity to step back into the pages of time, enjoying the comforts of modern day amenities all the while. Two of the oldest hotels are the Balch Hotel, built in 1908, and the Columbia Gorge Hotel (pictured left & top), constructed in 1921. Every budget and every style can be gratified with Columbia Gorge hotels, from luxury suites to simplistic rooms, whether it is in town or out in the wild countryside.

Lodges & Cabins

Lodges & Cabins
Lodges & Cabins

Mountain lodges and cabins are an excellent way to mix luxury with the great outdoors.  At the lodges, visitors will find well appointed accommodations and amenities to match the style of a resort, including swimming pools, spas, golf, fitness centers, sports, and a variety of outdoor activities, guided and self conducted. Vacation rentals and cabins offer privacy, a charming rustic appeal, and opportunities to engage in leisure activities, such as hiking, fishing, or gathering around a bonfire.

Bed & Breakfasts

Bed & Breakfasts
Bed & Breakfasts

Typically, bed and breakfasts are privately owned establishments, making each one a unique property, from large historical mansions to countryside hideaways to quaint cottages and bungalows to modern architectural dwellings in the city. Varying in size and style, the available rooms and amenities fluctuates among these types of accommodations; however, a friendly face and a delicious morning meal is a reliable expectation at every bed and breakfast, initiating the desirable friendly atmosphere that makes them so distinctive amidst lodgings. Well known and liked among bed and breakfasts in Columbia Gorge include Brickhaven Bed and Breakfast, designed by artists that were inspired by the celebrated Frank Lloyd Wright overlooking the river and gorge, and Old Parkdale Inn (pictured), designed with romantic and artistic hearts in mind.


Opportunities for camping abound at Columbia River Gorge. In addition to the fully equipped campgrounds and sites, there are a selection of free camp sites as well, and all of them, private and government operated, are exceptional choices for a fabulous outdoors getaway.

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