Coos Bay Oregon

Coos Bay Oregon sits close to the waterfront at the North Pacific Ocean south of Portland. It’s known as well for a huge offering of outdoor adventure as it is for modern pleasures. Coos Bay shares an expansive inland harbor with both Charleston and North Bend and together the these elements comprise Oregon’s popular Bay Area. The harbor is the largest natural one of its kind between San Francisco and Seattle, creating an ideal location for manufacturing and shipping, two sectors that thrive in Coos Bay. Deep sea fishing in Coos Bay, swimming along the shores, and basically every kind of outdoor sport and pastime are all easily enjoyed.

Coos Bay Oregon
Coos Bay Oregon

North Bend and Coos Bay, referred to as sister cities, amount to the biggest of all urban settlements along the coast of Oregon, yet it isn’t the urban availabilities that draw the most travelers. It is the recreation in this area that draws travelers in. Outdoor things to do in Coos Bay are huge magnets for nature lovers and recreational sport enthusiasts of all kinds. Three large and beautiful state parks create a playground of outdoor fun for all ages and offer diversions of every kind. Sunset Bay State Park, Shores Acres State Park, and Cape Arago State Park are each teeming with thick forests, rugged cliffs, excellent camping areas, gardens, and even some whale watching from December through June.

Avid anglers love deep sea fishing in Coos Bay. Fishing is one of the area’s biggest attractions, making fishing tours and day trips a top endeavor. The ocean’s yield includes halibut, salmon, and tuna, among a slew of other ocean fish varieties. There are many charters operating out of Coos Bay that are ideal for any kind of experience that interests visitors. Families can enjoy combination deep sea fishing in Coos Bay along with coastal tours for a full and fun day on the water. Other things to do on the ocean include whale watching and there are plenty of choices including half-day and full-day tours and onboard lunches. Eco and wildlife tours are more possibilities around Coos Bay Oregon.

The ocean is generally the focal point of Coos Bay vacations. The ocean offers an incredibly large bounty of things to do in Coos Bay. There are myriad dramatic beaches where swimming, snorkeling, sailing, and even scuba diving are possible. Beach combing along the interesting tide pools is a favorite family pastime, especially with smaller children delighting in the crabs and other small creatures that forage in the pools. Along the coastline there are several annual events that are fun for the whole family too. The Blackberry Arts Fest, the Oregon Coast Music Festival, and the Bay Area Fun Festival are three of the best festivals around Coos Bay.

Oregon Sand Dunes National Recreation Area is a fun and fascinating place to visit and delving in is one of the top things to do in Coos Bay. It spans from Coos Bay to Florence, Oregon, for more than 35 beautiful, coastal miles. Five-hundred-foot sand dunes carved and sculpted by the elements create a mesmerizing backdrop while a deluge of recreational options keep visitors endlessly entertained. Off-roading, canoeing, sailing, swimming, fishing, and hiking are top pursuits.

Attractions don’t only focus on the outdoors so if deep sea fishing in Coos Bay isn’t your idea of fun, don’t worry. When visiting Coos Bay Oregon, plenty of city amusements are easily added to the itinerary. The Coos Bay Art Museum, Mills Casino and Seven Feathers Casino, and the Coos County Historical Museum are all well worth exploring. Theater options, golf, roller skating, bowling and excellent shopping are even more things to do in Coos Bay and offer a way to mix it up for a result that inspires and entertains each visitor ideally.

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