Crater Lake

Crater Lake in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, is one of the more stunning sites to be seen in Oregon and in the Pacific Northwest. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States and as with most crater lakes was created with the collapse of a volcano. Crater Lake Oregon is more than 594 meters deep, or 1,948 feet, and is the seventh deepest lake in the world. Visitors to Crater Lake National Park are almost never disappointed by the view. Not only is the lake a deep, alluring shade of blue, but it is surrounded by a forest of crisp green trees, making quite a vision.

Guests can visit Crater Lake National Park throughout the year. If you plan to visit Crater Lake in the winter, you might consider joining one of the ranger-led snowshoe walks. These walks are offered completely free of charge, though you will need to bring your own snowshoes. Each Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm from Thanksgiving until the end of March, the friendly rangers of Crater Lake National Park take willing hikers around sections of the lake. Along the way, they point out interesting wildlife, flora and fauna, and offer other information about the area. This is a great way to see Crater Lake Oregon during the quiet of the winter, when it is surrounded by snow.

Crater Lake was formed when Mount Mazama, a volcano, exploded and then caved in upon itself. The collapse of the Crater Lake volcano left a huge crater in its place. Over time, water from melting snow, melting ice, and rain filled the crater and created Crater Lake. Although there is nothing left of the old Crater Lake volcano, the shape of a new Crater Lake volcano is growing up from the water. Known as Wizard Island, the mound of land is slowly building its way back up to a volcanic state. The depth of Crater Lake Oregon was first measured in the year 1886. A sounding machine was attached to a piano wire and lowered into the lake using a crane. This first measurement was only a few feet off of the measurement taken in the year 2000 with newer equipment.

If you do plan to visit Crater Lake National Park, you should know that you will need to pay a fee. A seven-day pass for one car is relatively cheap, and you will be given a pass that you will want to keep visible through your car’s window. The visitor center at the park is open from April until November, from 9 am until 5 pm. During the winter, from November until April, the center is open from 10 am until 4 pm every day except Christmas Day. There is a small café at the visitors center serving drinks and a few light snacks, but it is a good idea to also bring along your own food and especially water, particularly if you plan to do any extensive hiking in the area.

Mazama Village is a nearby camping and RV area, and in the village travelers will find a restaurant, lodging, and a small camp store with typical camping supplies. Crater Lake Lodge has more than 70 rooms and is open between May and October. It is a good idea to make reservations in advance. Two campgrounds are also found at the park. Mazama Campground has more than 200 sites and is open all summer long. Toilets, running water and fire rings are provided. The Lost Creek Campground is located further into the woods and requires a bit of hiking. It features 16 tent sites and does not have many other amenities.

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