Eugene Oregon

For many visitors who have only heard of Eugene Oregon in passing, the name they have most often associated with the town is Nike. The now world-wide corporation got its start here in Eugene Oregon, specifically born from the still-famous track program at Eugene's University of Oregon. The town of Eugene is far from being just a college town, and the stark beauty of the city's natural surroundings continues to not only offer many things to do for locals, but draw visitors from around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The city of Eugene can be accessed by car or by taking a flight to Eugene to the Eugene Airport.

Eugene Oregon is the third largest city in the state, and a number of Eugene Oregon events characterize the landscape and possible trips to the city. Brewpubs are a major favorite among Eugene locals. Found close to the Willamette Valley, Eugene is home to almost as many brewpubs as Portland, which is saying something, as Portland is North America's brewpub capital. To complement Eugene's laid-back atmosphere are a number of cultural events and activities for visitors to enjoy.

The history of Eugene as a North American settlement begins around 1846, when Eugene Franklin Skinner, the founder of the town, built a cabin, which was the first cabin to be built in the area. A few decades later, once the town had begun to increase in size and prosperity, the town combined its resources to create the University of Oregon, with the first registered students showing up for class in 1876. Since that time, the university has continued to expand and is today one of the west coast's more popular universities. The track program at the university gain world-wide recognition when Steve Prefontaine, distance running prodigy and University of Oregon student, made an appearance at the 1972 Olympics. His track coach, Bill Bowerman, later went on to found the shoe company Nike.

Eugene Oregon events today often include trips to University of Oregon track meets, although there are a number of other Eugene Oregon events worth checking out. Not only is the area around Eugene covered in miles of hike-able forest and soft running paths, but the city of Eugene itself is full of trees. Around every corner, visitors will find plenty of greenery, something that continues to be a staple of a trip to Eugene and something that locals tend to be quite proud of.

Eugene also has other attractions, including some excellent museums. The University of Oregon Museum of Art, located on the college campus, focuses on some of the best of Asian art in the Northwest. The Oregon Air and Space Museum is also located in Eugene, and mainly focuses on experimental aircraft. The Fifth Street Public Market is the best place for shopping in downtown Eugene, as well as the largest. Travelers who just cannot seem to get enough of shopping can also head to the Picc-A-Dilly Flea Market for an afternoon of second-hand treasure hunting.

A flight to Eugene is one great way to get to the city from other locations. The Eugene Airport is located not far from the city and is a convenient way to travel to this part of Oregon. Keep in mind that a flight to Eugene and the Eugene Airport may connect with the Portland airport, a flight to Eugene can make travel to this city from the north much more convenient, as it can be a long drive from cities such as Seattle. However, the Eugene airport does offer strait flights from many cities, including Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and San Francisco. Be sure to keep your eye out for the best deals on a flight to Eugene.

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