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As Eugene natives know, the real reason to come to Eugene is for the natural beauty found within and around the city. Eugene is home to one of Oregon's best and most famous universities, it is the birthplace of the mega-corporation Nike, and the place to go when planning a trip to the Willamette Valley for wine tasting and more. No matter the reason for your trip to Eugene, chances are you will need a place to stay once you arrive. A nice range of downtown Eugene Oregon hotels and Eugene airport hotels can be located throughout the year.

Eugene hotels in downtown Eugene mirror mostly what you would expect from downtown hotels. Chain hotels and a nice grouping of historic bed and breakfasts and smaller establishments blend with the shopping and restaurants of Eugene. One of the best examples of high-rise Eugene Oregon hotels is the Hilton. Every town has one, and the Eugene Hilton is as nice as you would expect, not to mention a favorite among hotels Eugene Oregon for business travelers. This is the only one of the many Eugene hotels with a conference center attached, which accounts for the high influx of business traffic. The Hult Center for the Performing Arts is also found just steps away from the Hilton, so this hotel remains one of the best places to stay for anyone who might have a conference to attend, or simply wants to be in the middle of some of Eugene's downtown action.

Some of the favorite Eugene Oregon hotels for vacationers, however, are not the corporate high-rises. In true Eugene fashion, smaller hotels on the shores of the McKenzie and moving toward the Willamette tend to be favored by most. The McKenzie View Hotel is one such establishment. Found on the banks of the McKenzie River a few miles from the center of town, this is one of the best hotels Eugene Oregon offers for a quiet garden getaway. The rooms are spacious and individually decorated by the owners, and most have a view of the river. A gazebo, a garden and lovely views make this one of the more peaceful places to stay in Eugene.

The city of Eugene also has its own airport, and Eugene airport hotels offer the advantage for travelers of staying somewhere close to the airport. Eugene airport hotels will be cheaper than hotels in town or even than bed and breakfast lodging on the outskirts of town. The hotels found near the airport are chain hotels, and offer good, clean, inexpensive accommodation. Shuttle services to the airport is usually complimentary, however shuttle service to downtown Eugene usually is not. Hotels Eugene Oregon features near the airport can be an especially good deal for anyone visiting family.

Along with the Eugene airport hotels, Eugene also has some inexpensive places to stay further out from town. Depending on your travel plans, you can even stay in Eugene as a starting point for your longer trip into the Willamette Valley for wine tasting or other activities.



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