Oregon Flights

Oregon flights are the only primary way many visitors arrive and so getting affordable rates becomes the main focus when planning vacations. Finding cheap flights to Oregon is not a difficult task. There is a heady mix of companies specializing in airfares and of course they want you to buy from them. The trick to finding the best priced airfare to Oregon is to know the little tips and tricks that help in achieving your budgetary goals, but a great way to check airfares across the board is to use the booking tool located on this webpage.

Which of the Oregon airports you fly in to for your getaway could be a factor in securing low-cost Oregon flights. There are only two international Oregon airports to choose from if flying in from another country. Medford’s Rogue Valley International Airport and Portland International Airport. Though most would assume that cheap flights to Oregon would have to be most widely available when flying in to Portland, that isn’t always the case. High-volume does generally mean lower prices, and Portland is definitely the more frequented of the two, yet there are a large number of great deals for Oregon flights landing in Medford.

If you have to truck back up to Portland, flying into the Rogue Valley Airport might make little to no sense. It may be wiser to choose the most convenient of the two Oregon airports rather than the cheaper. However, if the many things to do on your itinerary involve both northern and southern parts of Oregon, then planning your trip around the lowest-cost arrival and departure points makes a lot of sense. There are plenty of attractions located near Medford. It is smack-dab in the center of four state parks and national forests. Medford is also only a couple of hours drive to the Pacific Ocean. Best of all, Medford is only a five-hour drive to Portland, which makes an ideal road trip where exploring along the way become the best part.

On the flip side, Oregon flights to Portland offer many advantages depending on specific travel plans. If plans include tours of Portland and generally staying in the northeast, than Portland is always the best bet. Cheap flights to Oregon could be found via consolidators on the web, travel agents, and even local newspaper ads. Traveling outside of peak season, which is during the summer months, is another way to find cheap flights. The weather in Oregon is at its prime in the off-season, in the early part of May and again toward the end of September, and many visitors take advantage of that. It tends to rain more from October through May, which makes it a good time to find cheap flights to Oregon. Don’t let the word rain deter you though. The Northwest does not typically get heavy rain, and most outdoor activities are easily accessible no matter when you go.

Another option worth checking into is flying into Sea-Tac Airport just south of Seattle, Washington. While this airport is out of state, the drive from Sea-Tac to Portland ranges from two to three hours and provides another useful option.

When planning specific activities that are affected by different times of year, finding a vacation package might be the best bet. Crabbing is a huge pastime in Oregon with the season closed from August to October. Rafting is another major sport to try with the season kicking off in the early spring when the waters begin urgently rushing. Many Oregon hotels offer package deals for specific themes like rafting and crabbing along with many other recreational pursuits. The key is to do a lot of research before making final decisions to ensure you’ve exhausted all possibilities and found the cheapest of cheap flights to Oregon.

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